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District 5 Information

Mary Beth Susman,
Council District 5

City Council District 5 is located in east central Denver and serves the diverse neighborhoods of Bellevue-Hale, Crestmoor I & II, East Montclair, Hilltop, Lowry, Mayfair, Mayfair Park, Montclair, South Hilltop, South Park Hill, Windsor Gardens and Winston Downs.

District 5 is home to the Montclair Recreation Center and the Schlessman Library; as well as 2 fire stations, 2 hospitals, 12 schools, 22 parks and the Highline Canal. The Former Lowry Air Force Base has successfully transformed into a thriving community showcasing the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum, Colorado Free University, and a charming Town Center with Denver’s first beer garden.



Council Redisticting

New Council District boundaries for purposes of the 2015 municipal election.


District 5 Map

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District 5 Projects & Plans

Broken Branches? Here’s what to do with them.
There’s a new place to recycle your broken branches from last weekend’s storm. Denver Public Works is marking the opening of its first recycling drop-off center, located at Quebec and Cherry Creek Drive South. The center opens Tuesday and accepts recyclables, yard waste and organics.

Hours of the new recycling drop-off center are:
• Tuesday - Friday from 11 am to 5:30 pm
• Saturdays from 9 am to 3 pm
More tree branch disposal options:
Denver also provides limited branch pickup through its regular trash collection service:

Trash cart and manual service customers can tie loose branches in bundles no longer than 4 feet in length and weighing no more than 50 pounds. No branches may exceed 4 inches in diameter. A maximum of 10 branch bundles per household will be collected per the overflow collection cycle (every 3 weeks). Do not place branches in your city issued black trash cart and place at least 2 feet away from black cart when setting bundles out for collection.

Dumpster service customers can tie loose branches in bundles no longer than 4 feet in length and in bundles weighing no more than 50 pounds. No branches may exceed 4 inches in diameter. A maximum of 5 bundles of branches can be placed in dumpsters at a time. Customers with more branches should hold those branches for their next LIP collection. During LIP week, residents may place up to 10 branch bundles (meeting the above standard) in the alley, at least 4 feet from their dumpster. Note: branches picked up through regular trash collection service will not be recycled.

More on broken branches:
Property owners are responsible for cleanup of debris from trees on private property and from trees within the public right of way adjacent to their property. Property owners are responsible for the pruning needs of private property trees and the pruning needs of trees within the public right-of-way adjacent to their property. If you have general questions about the condition of a public-right-of way tree, you can contact Denver Forestry for an opinion at

For trees on private property, citizens can visit for a list of licensed and insured tree care contractors. It’s a wise practice to make sure any tree care contractor is licensed and insured. If emergency removal of a fallen branch is needed to clear a street, the city can assist though an established on-call contract; however, the cost of the work will be billed to the responsible property owner.

The 9th & Colorado Redevelopment Project

Continuum’s proposal for the 25.918-acre campus encompasses a broad range of residential, office and retail spaces with an emphasis on small and local businesses. Continuum’s plans envision a vibrant, walkable mixed-use neighborhood that creates a memorable place, including a true “town center” with amenities including parks, plazas, and underground parking.

On Monday December 1st, City Council gave preliminary approval for $47 million in tax-increment financing for the project. Final approval is expected to be discussed at the December 8th meeting of City Council.

The closing on the sale of the property is scheduled to occur by the end of 2014. Continuum anticipates beginning work on the project immediately following closing and estimates that the overall project will take approximately five years to complete.

You can see more images and info about the schedule, renderings, and community feedback here. You can contact my office at 720-337-5555 for more information and updates on Continuum’s progress.

Save the Sundial at Cranmer Park

For the past two years, the Cranmer Park – Hilltop Civic Association has been working with representatives of the City’s Parks and Recreation Department staff to discuss the much needed full restoration of the Sundial and the plaza area in Cranmer Park. While City funds of more than $550,000 have been committed to this project, the entire restoration project requires an additional million dollars to be raised.

Under the guidance of Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman, and with the assistance of The Denver Foundation, a new fundraising effort has launched – the Save Our Sundial campaign. With limited government funding available, the goal is to raise the needed amount through the generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations.

Denise Sanderson will be coordinating the efforts of this group, and is currently forming a committee to help with the Save Our Sundial campaign. If you would like to be involved, please contact her at or at 303-320-1647. To make a contribution to the campaign, choose the Save Our Sundial Fund option in the drop down list, or mail checks to Save Our Sundial Fund, 55 Madison, 8th Floor, Denver, CO 80206.

Boulevard One at Lowry

The Lowry Redevelopment Authority (LRA) has selected the first two rowhome developers for Boulevard One. East West Partners/BuildMark and Koelbel Urban Homes will build modern rowhomes on both sides of Lowry Boulevard from Oneida Court to Niagara Street.

East West Partners and BuildMark will develop 36 three-story rowhomes. Widely known for their work in downtown's Riverfront Park and Union Station, East West and BuildMark have partnered with Sprocket Design-Build, architect and builder of successful multifamily projects in downtown neighborhoods like Highlands, Curtis Park and Jefferson Park. Koelbel Urban Homes will build 35 two- and three-story rowhomes designed by Denver's Neo Studio.

Improvements to First Avenue, from Monaco Parkway to Oneida Court, began in early November. Overhead utilities on the south side of First Avenue will be removed, and new utilities buried. The south side of First Avenue will be further improved with a new sidewalk and street trees. First Avenue will be re-striped to add bicycle lanes on both sides of the street.

For more on this project, view the full project website.

City Council Redistricting

At least once every 10 years, the Denver City Council must redraw its district boundaries, based on the latest U.S. Census data. The Denver Charter says the City is to be divided into eleven Council districts; Denver’s population must be as evenly divided among the eleven districts as possible to honor the principle of “one person-one vote”; and Charter further directs that districts must:

o be as compact as possible;

o contain contiguous land area;

o contain whole election precincts; and

o have boundaries established by ordinance.

The 2015 municipal elections will be the first election that the newly approved City Council District boundaries are to be used. A map of these new districts can be found here.


Contact Councilwoman Susman

Mary Beth Susman
Councilwoman District 5
Phone: (720) 337-5555

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