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Colorado Blvd Water Main Project Update


  1. Due to good weather the project is slightly ahead of schedule. 
  2. Denver Water almost done with Phase 1 of the project (Colorado Blvd. from Colfax to E. 17th Ave.) They only have a few water connections left and are planning to be done with Phase 1 by the beginning of December.
  3. While Denver Water is putting temporary patches on the street for now, they will be back in the spring to install a permanent pave.
  4. They are planning to start Phase 2 of the project (E. 17th Ave. from Colorado Blvd. to Jackson St.) this Sunday night (11/19) at 7p.m. They are planning to be done with Phase 2 by the end of December. More details on Phase 2 are below.            

Phase 2 Information:

  • Residents nearby to Phase 2 (see attached “Addresses Phase 2”) received the attached “Phase 2 E. 17th Ave.” notification. You will notice Denver Water is offering hotel rooms to residents as specified in the Denver noise ordinance.
  • They will be working overnight on Phase 2 from 7:00pm – 5:00am Sunday night through Friday morning. There is no planned work for Friday night, Saturday or Sunday morning/afternoon. However, a weather event or specific outage restriction may result in occasional work during these times.
  • Because the water main along E. 17th Ave. runs closer to the middle of the road Denver Water will be closing the center of the road and leaving one westbound and one eastbound lane open during work hours. But ALL lanes will be open from 5 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. every day during morning and afternoon rushes.
  • Before work begins, Denver Water will position equipment and materials along the project route and on side streets where needed. This will impact parking in the area of the project. Sandbags will be placed on curb grates to manage stormwater.
  • Planned water outages may occur for residents near the project. Impacted residents will receive a 24-hour notice for these outages.