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Cannabis Health & Safety Advisory Committee

Denver Environmental Health is seeking applicants for the newly created Cannabis Health & Safety Advisory Board. The purpose of the committee is to provide suggestions to Denver’s public health administrator, the Executive Director of the Department of Environmental Health (DEH), as well as other city officials and the Board of Environmental Health regarding health and safety issues associated with the production and consumption of cannabis products.

The committee may review and evaluate available information and research and provide suggestions on matters such as:

  1. Health and safety issues associated with cannabis products and ingredients intended for human consumption.
  2. Health and safety issues associated with the cultivation, harvesting, and drying/curing/finishing processes used to cultivate and process cannabis plants.
  3. Health and safety issues associated with production processes used to manufacture cannabis products.
  4. Potential Denver cannabis health regulations.

The committee will meet on a quarterly basis or more often if needed under the oversight of a third-party facilitator, and detailed minutes will be published. As its first topic for consideration, the committee will discuss potential health concerns associated with ingredients added to inhaled marijuana concentrates, such as flavors and cutting agents.

Currently, there are no regulations governing these added ingredients in marijuana concentrates, nor are there product label requirements to disclose these ingredients to consumers. In the meantime, DEH will not take further enforcement action against inhalable products unless there is a clear imminent hazard to consumers.

The committee consists of approximately 15-20 standing members including the Chair. Members and the Chair are selected by Denver’s public health administrator with input from the Board of Environmental Health from applicants representing the fields of food science, risk assessment, toxicology, botany, cannabis research, the marijuana industry, marijuana laboratory industry, and other relevant scientific and technical disciplines. Representatives from DEH, the City Attorney’s Office, and members representing the interest of consumers will participate on the committee as well.

Members agree to serve for two years, at which time the function of the committee will be evaluated by the group and a decision made regarding continuation. In the event a member recuses himself or herself, written notice shall be provided to DEH’s Executive Director. DEH reserves the right to terminate members due to irregular participation or unprofessional behavior.

Applications can be submitted to through December 13 and must contain the following:
Basic contact information
Organization, position
Applicants must also respond to the following questions:
Why are you interested in serving on this committee?
What relevant expertise/qualifications do you have?
What conflicts of interest do you have relating to the purpose of the advisory committee, i.e. what issues listed within the scope of the advisory committee might have a direct impact on you personally or professionally?

Questions can be directed to DEH Public Health Inspections Division at or 720-913-1311.