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Elevate Denver Bond Update

The Elevate Denver Bond Program today launched an expanded website to give residents more timely program updates and access to additional current and historical documents and information. The website now features a program overview, including program summaries by City Council district; project updates, including a blog that will share the stories of individual bond projects and the community members who benefit from them; an expanded frequently asked questions section; a media section; an interactive timeline with the history of Denver bond programs; a section for contracting opportunities; and a Spanish language page. Each of these sections is expected to become more robust as the bond program advances. 

Transportation & Mobility projects represent more than half of the $937 million Elevate Denver Bond Program and will help accelerate Denver’s connectivity, functionality and safety by upgrading streets, bridges, sidewalks and our bike network. Within this realm, an important milestone was reached in September with construction work beginning on the first Elevate Denver paving projects. In this first debt issuance, there is $18.75 million for street paving construction projects, which will provide benefits citywide. A total of seven projects will be constructed in 2018 with approximately 20 more planned for 2019. Over the entirety of the Elevate Denver program, more than 250 miles of high-traffic streets will be repaved in neighborhoods across the city to fix potholes, improve traffic flow and reduce wear and tear on vehicles.

Along with improvements to our roadways, the first issuance also includes $4 million for sidewalk construction across Denver to help fill missing segments and improve the city’s walkability. The bond team is currently reconciling potential sidewalk projects with the existing citywide sidewalk network and working to identify projects which could potentially be accelerated to implementation.