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Montclair Basin Stormwater Meeting

You are invited to the next Upper Montclair Basin Stormwater Study community meeting to review and provide feedback for stormwater management concepts for Hale Parkway in the Bellevue-Hale neighborhood. In August, the project team presented a range of possible approaches to address flooding and water quality along Hale Parkway and the surrounding streets. Based on community input at previous public meetings, the December 6th meeting will present several concepts related to a hybrid approach along Hale Parkway that combines traditional gray infrastructure (pipes) with greenways, open space, or other green infrastructure alternatives. Please join us to provide more input as we work together to create sustainable stormwater solutions.

The meeting will be at Rose Hospital, Physician Office Building II located at 4500 E. 9th Ave in the basement community room from 5:30 – 7:00 pm.

At the August 30th, 2017 meeting, community members explored three different stormwater management approaches to Hale Parkway: an all-pipe approach, an all-greenway approach, and a hybrid approach combining stormwater pipes and a greenway. Community preference pointed toward the hybrid approach.

The upcoming December 6th meeting consists of a presentation and workshop to explore a variety of hybrid concepts aimed at managing stormwater in and around Hale Parkway and the intersection of Severn Place and Jersey Street.

For details and meeting materials to date, please visit: