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rtd light rail car and stop

Mobility & Transit 

Denver is a growing city and up to a million new residents are projected to move to the metro area over the next ten years. City Council is working on the citywide challenges facing mobility: better traffic management, sidewalk construction and repair, better bicycle commuter access, and innovative transit that is convenient, inexpensive, and meets the needs of the city’s interior.  We want to make Denver a more walkable, bikeable, transit-rich and safe city. 
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homeless person sitting on a bench with a shopping cart

East Colfax Development 

East Colfax is one of Denver’s oldest main streets but in recent decades has fallen into disrepair. We are working on bringing much needed public investment to this long-neglected corridor in the form of streetscape enhancements, intersection improvements to increase safety, median repair, lighting and other developments that will spur private investment in the corridor. 
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Construction worker using a blow torch

Smart Cities 

Technological advances abound in the ability to manage all city processes. Cities are responding by harnessing technology to manage traffic, provide transit, increase efficiencies for energy use, water systems, safety, parking access and other city systems. City Council is working to develop policy that will facilitate the integration of these new technologies into existing systems to save time and money for the city and its citizens.  
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