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Denver recently launched City Shuttle. City Shuttle is a new commuting option for people in and around Cherry Creek, Capitol Hill, and Civic Center. City Shuttle will operate Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 7 am to 10 pm. Each shuttle will be operated by Chariot and can hold up to 14 riders. To use, riders download the Chariot app, available on iOS and Android, and reserve a seat on the City Shuttle of their choice.

City Council Actions

Mobility and Transportation

City Council is working to:

  • Prioritize mobility in the city organization and budget
  • Analyze the opportunities for the city to take responsibility for sidewalk construction and repair
  • Increase crosswalk safety, signal timing, and safety at intersections
  • Implement Vision Zero (zero traffic related deaths)
  • Explore new, innovative transit and provide it
  • Improve pedestrian experience in commercial and residential areas
  • Increase protected bike lanes for bicycle commuters


  • Present to pertinent Council Committees recommendations and funding sources for:
    • Sidewalk infrastructure citywide as recommended by the Sidewalk Working Group.
    • Expanding the B-cycle network citywide with associated costs and potential funding sources
    • Protected bike lanes
  • Establish new policies for the Vision Zero initiative.
  • Create policies that promote recommendations from the Mayor’s Mobility Task Force
  • Present budget recommendations that prioritize dollars for new transit initiatives, bike-ability and walkability citywide.