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rtd light rail car at a light rail stop

Denver is a growing city and up to a million new residents are projected to move to the metro area over the next ten years. City Council is working on the citywide challenges facing mobility: better traffic management, sidewalk construction and repair, better bicycle commuter access, and innovative transit that is convenient, inexpensive, and meets the needs of the city’s interior. We want to make Denver a more walkable, bikeable, transit-rich and safe city.

City Council Actions

Mobility and Transportation

City Council is working to:

  • Prioritize mobility in the city organization and budget
  • Analyze the opportunities for the city to take responsibility for sidewalk construction and repair
  • Increase crosswalk safety, signal timing, and safety at intersections
  • Implement Vision Zero (zero traffic related deaths)
  • Explore new, innovative transit and provide it
  • Improve pedestrian experience in commercial and residential areas
  • Increase protected bike lanes for bicycle commuters


  • Present to pertinent Council Committees recommendations and funding sources for:
    • Sidewalk infrastructure citywide as recommended by the Sidewalk Working Group.
    • Expanding the B-cycle network citywide with associated costs and potential funding sources
    • Protected bike lanes
  • Establish new policies for the Vision Zero initiative.
  • Create policies that promote recommendations from the Mayor’s Mobility Task Force
  • Present budget recommendations that prioritize dollars for new transit initiatives, bike-ability and walkability citywide.