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photo of light rail arriving downtown

City Council is studying citywide challenges facing transit, mobility, sidewalks, street maintenance and planning, public safety at intersections and traffic management, and look at successful models across the country in order to present a comprehensive plan for funding and implementing strategies to make Denver a more walkable, bikeable, safe, and transit-orientated city.

City Council Actions


Fold the Sidewalk Working Group into the Task Force.

  • The Sidewalk Working Group will continue to be chaired by Councilman Paul Kashmann and report any recommendations to the pertinent Committee on behalf of the Task Force.
  • The Working Group will continue its work to develop recommendations for citywide sidewalk
  • infrastructure including exploring options for building, improving, and repairing the sidewalk infrastructure.
  • Study options to establish funds to assist low-income residents in repairing their sidewalks.

Mobility and Transportation

Monitor and evaluate the following transportation mobility issues:

  • All Denver Moves plans
  • Car focused corridors like West Colfax as barriers to transit and mobility
  • Crosswalk safety, signal timing, and safety at intersections
  • Speeding in neighborhoods
  • Paving and road maintenance
  • State highway systems that run through Denver
  • Mobility as a barrier to food access
  • Prioritization of transportation and mobility in the city budget
  • First and last mile connection issues
  • Micro-transit

Year-end Goals

Present to the Infrastructure Committee recommendations and funding sources for:

  • Present to pertinent Council Committee recommendations and funding sources for:
    • Sidewalk infrastructure citywide as recommended by the Sidewalk Working Group.
    • The feasibility of expanding the B-cycle network citywide with associated costs and potential funding sources.
  • Debate and provide feedback on any new policies that come out of the VisionZero initiative.
  • Develop a communication plan/process with RTD with the goal of enabling the City Council to plan for the long-term.
  • Take action on agreed-upon recommendations from the Mayor’s mobility task force.
  • Present budget recommendations that prioritize dollars on mobility and transportation issues citywide.