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Fine District 9 News - August Edition

Summer 2017 Your City, Your Voice

We are still walking the streets in the FINE District 9, talking to folks about what they feel is important in their neighborhood. Through these conversations we decided to take the conversation in the streets onto social media, and created a survey to get a better sense of people’s understanding of the whole picture. Our goals this year are to make Denver a more inclusive, affordable, safe, and healthy community for all.

The purpose of this survey was to get a better understanding of how people felt about important issues that Denver is facing right now, and potential policies that our office could work towards to alleviate these issues. Our survey was open for 7 days, and we had 226 responses from residents from 15 neighborhoods within the Fine District 9. Below are some of their answers:

What’s the most important issue facing your neighborhood?

• Infrastructure – 38.1%
• Criminal Justice Reform – 11.42%
• Affordable Housing - 38.81%
• Workforce Training – 1.83%
• I-70 Viaduct – 9.13%

According to the US Department of Justice, 62% of the nation’s jail populations consists of detainees awaiting trial. It is estimated to cost $9 billion annually to incarcerate defendants held on bail nationwide. Bail should be lowered for non-violent crimes.

• Agree – 51.56%
• Strongly Agree – 24.44%
• Strongly Disagree - 2.67%
• Disagree – 6.67%
• No Opinion – 14.67%

Over 50,000 people visit the 16th Street Mall daily and over 10,000 people live in the Downtown Denver area. Knowing that second-hand smoke is harmful to bystanders, would you support a Breathe Easy campaign that would prohibit smoking on the 16th Street Mall.

• Yes  - 79.46%
• No – 14.73%
• Other – 5.80%

We also heard a lot of feedback online, and will be offering another survey after we’ve finished knocking on doors this summer. This second survey will have more open-ended questions, with the ability to write-in answers.

We look forward to seeing you in the neighborhood, on social media, or by mail if you live in an apartment or condo. We want to hear from you, so please let your voice be heard by logging onto and sharing your thoughts with us.

Thank you,

City Council President Albus Brooks

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