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Fine District 9 News - December Edition

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A Word From Council President Brooks


It’s hard to believe that 2017 is coming to an end.  It seems like just yesterday we were setting our Policy and Budget Priorities for the year.  2017 might be over, but we didn’t want you to forget all that we’ve been able to accomplish together.  It is always good to reflect about the last year before we move to the next, so in this newsletter edition we’ve highlighted some of the good work happening in the FINE District 9.

Notable Bills Passed
2017 General Obligation Bond

The largest bond in Denver History passed unanimously through City Council and was also passed by 70% of Denver Voters.  District 9 will see over $200 million in infrastructure improvements.  

Public Safety Enforcement Priorities Act

Sponsored by Councilmembers Robin Kniech & Paul Lopez.  This act memorializes existing city policies and practices limiting our role in immigration enforcement and clarifies several new policies.  This proposal is designed to reduce fear within immigrant and refugee communities and reinforces to everyone that Denver is not engaging in immigration enforcement.

Breathe Easy on 16th Street Mall Ordinance

This new ordinance went into place on December 1st.  It creates a Smoke Free Zone on the 16th Street Mall, which is the densest area of our city.  The 16th Street Mall and downtown Denver is home to over 20,000 residents, where 120,000 employees go to work each day and where over 300,000 of visitors enjoy our city each year.  According to RTD between 40,000 to 45,000 people ride the RTD free mall ride each day. 

38th & Blake Design & Affordable Overlays

For the first time in our Zoning Code we are offering heights as an incentive for affordable housing and requiring new design standards at the River North station.  This was passed by the Denver Planning Board last week and will go before City Council in February.  We have been working with the community and developers for 2 years on this project to build a more equitable city.

Affordable Housing in District 9

Many units were created within NE Denver in 2017.  We want to highlight a project led by Colorado Coalition for the Homeless that will create over 100 units for those experiencing homeless in the Downtown area.  It took the City, State and HUD to make this project a reality.

The Renaissance Downtown Lofts will open in the next 2 weeks on the corner of Stout and Broadway.  This puts our total subsidized unit count at 5,402 in District 9, which leads the city in income restricted units.  We have a long way to go, but this is a good start, please see chart below.

Affordable Units Built

 5402 Income Restricted Units
 <30% AMI 541
 31 - 40% AMI 668
 41 - 50% AMI 1583
 51 - 60% AMI 2215
 61 - 80% AMI 196
 81 - 95% AMI 199

Constituent Cases:

Every year we receive hundreds of calls/emails from the people we serve asking for our advocacy on issues in their neighborhood.  We create case files in our database and work with the appropriate agency to find the best resolution.  As of today, our office has worked on and helped to resolve 632 cases.

Projects in District 9

Carla Madison Recreation Center
The Grand Opening of the Carla Madison Center is scheduled for January 8, 2018.  The community has been waiting 10 years for this building to be completed.  It will be an incredible celebration in the FINE District 9.  Read here about the 40-million-dollar facility. 

National Western Center Groundbreaking
In 2015, Denver voters approved Ballot Measure 2C, which provides funding for the National Western Center.  Every precinct in the City of Denver voted in favor of the transformative project of the National Western Center. This fall we broke ground on the $800 Million project.

Events Co-Sponsored/Sponsored by the District 9 Office

City Park Alliance Ice Cream Social

Attended by 200 of Denver residents in the beginning of June. This event kicks off the summer season at City Park and its surrounding communities.

14th Annual King M Trimble, Esq. Tea and Roses Senior Social

Over 250 seniors attended the 14th Annual City Council District 9 King M. Trimble, Esq. Tea and Roses Senior Social at the City Park Pavilion in July.  District 9 was happy to have over 30 volunteers from the community attend including many from the Denver Fire Department, Denver Police Department and the Denver Sheriff’s Department.

35th Annual Hiawatha Davis Jr. Senior Luncheon

Over 600 seniors are expected to attend the upcoming 35th Annual Hiawatha Davis Jr. Senior Luncheon that will take place on Wed., Dec. 20th at 11a at the DoubleTree Hotel located at 3203 Quebec Street. 

We expect over 60 volunteers from the community including many from the Denver Fire Department, Denver Police Department and the Denver Sheriff’s Department to attend and serve our seniors in NE Denver.

IN-N-OUT coming to Colorado and potentially the “FINE” District 9
In-N-Out Burger is officially coming to Colorado.  

Please email me your thoughts.  Happy Holidays & Have a Great New Year!

Albus Brooks