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Denver Days is an initiative Mayor Michael B. Hancock created to help neighbors get to know neighbors and get involved with their communities. The concept and message behind Denver Days quickly caught on with Denver residents and this August 1st-9th 2020 marks Denver Days eighth year.

“When I finally got to know my neighbors, my house became a home.  - Harold Brewer, Skyland resident

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As you’re posting status updates, tweets, pictures and videos, please use the hash tag #DenverDays2020 so we can capture all of Denver’s amazing moments from Denver Days 2020.


Community Impact

"It makes me appreciate our block and neighbors and feel so grateful that we live here. Our block is ethnically diverse and the people's ages range from 5 to mid 80's, but this day, we share in the common interest of our beautiful neighborhood. It has made us a strong community - I feel very comfortable going up to anyone's door and talking with them or asking for a favor. I hope you keep this event forever."

"We have lived in our home for the last eight years and although our street is very close and we know and are close with nearly everyone on our block - this gave the opportunity for the older generations and those who had other barriers to join in all of the festivities. We now know every single person on our street - rare for an urban housing situation - and wonderful. I know we are all looking out for each other."

"It has brought together the neighborhood in amazing ways--everyone was so appreciative about the event and being able to meet fellow neighbors and form personal bonds. It's great to know so many new faces now and have a stronger sense of community and feel like you have a larger network of neighbors you can rely on if needed."

"Love that the city enabled us to get together without the financial burden being placed on one family to make an event like this happen. It seems like families are connecting and talking more in their front yards. It was a success and there has already been a lot of conversation about how to make it bigger and better next year."

"It makes me proud to be living in Denver, where the Major wants everyone to know and love their neighbors, community, parks, and city. The fact that the city is willing to waive the fees for an entire week just so everyone can get outside and enjoy the beauty of Denver and the community says a lot about our city!! THANKS DENVER!!!"