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Initiated Ordinance 300

Shall the voters of the City and County of Denver adopt a measure that secures and enforces basic rights for all people within the jurisdiction of the City and County of Denver, including the right to rest and shelter oneself from the elements in a non-obstructive manner in outdoor public spaces, to eat, share accept or give free food in any public space where food is not prohibited, to occupy one's own legally parked motor vehicle, or occupy a legally parked motor vehicle belonging to another, with the owner's permission, and to have a right and expectation of privacy and safety of or in one's person and property?

Ordenanza por Iniciativa 300

¿Deberían los votantes de la Ciudad y el Condado de Denver adoptar una medida que asegure y haga cumplir los derechos básicos de todas las personas dentro de la jurisdicción de la Ciudad y el Condado de Denver, incluyendo los derechos a descansar y a protegerse de los elementos del clima sin obstruir los espacios públicos al aire libre, a comer, compartir, aceptar o dar comida de forma gratuita en cualquier espacio público donde no se prohíba hacerlo, a ocupar su propio vehículo motorizado legalmente estacionado o a ocupar un vehículo motorizado legalmente estacionado perteneciente a otro, con el permiso del propietario, y a tener derecho y expectativas de privacidad y seguridad para su persona y sus propiedades?


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A Community Partnership for Accessible, Transparent Elections, Denver Decides is a coalition of community civic organizations in Denver comprised of Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation, League of Women Voters, and Historic Denver in cooperation with various neighborhood and civic organizations.

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CORA - Citywide Colorado Open Records Fee Policy

In order to pay for the cost of staff, custodians of public records within the City and County of Denver may charge for research and retrieval time necessary to respond to requests for records under the Colorado Open Records Act (“CORA”).  Pursuant to C.R.S. §24-72-205(6), effective July 1, 2014, staff time may be charged at a rate not to exceed $30.00 per hour.  There shall be no charge for the first hour of time for research and retrieval of records.