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Amendment B:
Repeal Gallagher Amendment


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Live Forum Information

A Denver Decides Ballot Issue Forum in anticipation of the general election coming up on Tuesday, November 3rd. Amendment B proposes amending the Colorado Constitution to repeal the Gallagher Amendment requiring residential and non-residential property tax revenues to make up the same portion of the total statewide property taxes as when the Gallagher Amendment was adopted in 1982, including the requirement that sets the nonresidential assessment rate at 29%. Colorado State Senator Chris Hansen and Clay Vigoda, Chair of ‘Protect our Colorado Home’ are the pro and con speakers at this Forum.

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Without increasing property tax rates, to help preserve funding for local districts that provide fire protection, police, ambulance, hospital, kindergarten through twelfth grade education, and other services, and to avoid automatic mill levy increases, shall there be an amendment to the Colorado constitution to repeal the requirement that the general assembly periodically change the residential assessment rate in order to maintain the statewide proportion of residential property as compared to all other taxable property valued for property tax purposes and repeal the nonresidential property tax assessment rate of twenty-nine percent?

Sin aumentar las tasas de los impuestos a la propiedad, para ayudar a preservar financiamiento destinado a los distritos locales que aportan protección de bomberos, policía, ambulancias, hospitales, educación desde kindergarten hasta el grado doce, y otros servicios, y para evitar aumentos automáticos en milésimos de dólar, ¿debe haber una enmienda a la constitución de Colorado para derogar el requisito de que la asamblea general cambie periódicamente la tarifa de tasación residencial a fin de mantener la proporción estatal de propiedades residenciales en comparación con todas las otras propiedades gravables valoradas para fines del impuesto a la propiedad y derogar la tarifa de tasación a las propiedades no residenciales de veintinueve por ciento?

What Your Vote Means

A “yes” vote on Amendment B repeals sections of the Colorado Constitution that set a fixed statewide ratio for residential and nonresidential property tax revenue. Assessment rates for all property types will remain the same as they are now, projected future decreases in the residential assessment rate will not be required, and any future increases in assessment rates would require a vote of the people.

A “no” vote on Amendment B leaves constitutional provisions related to property taxes in place, maintaining current requirements for setting the assessment rates used to calculate property taxes. This is expected to result in a decreasing residential assessment rate over time and in automatic local mill levy increases in jurisdictions where required by law.