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Ballot Measure 2D: 
DOTI Advisory Board


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Amendment 2D

Shall the Charter of the City and County of Denver be amended to create the Board of Transportation and Infrastructure to advise the Manager with respect to the policy and operation of the Department and shall review and comment on the proposed annual budget for the Department?

¿Se deberían enmendar los Estatutos de la Ciudad y el Condado de Denver para crear la Junta de Transporte e Infraestructura para asesorar al administrador con respecto a la política y operación del Departamento y debería revisarse y comentarse el presupuesto anual propuesto para el Departamento?

Ballot Details

In 2019 the voters in Denver amended the City Charter to create the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI). The new department was created to advance an efficient multi-modal transportation system in Denver. The Department focuses on the planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation of the city’s transportation network.

This measure creates a 19-member Board of Transportation and Infrastructure. The mayor will appoint six members of the board. City council will appoint 13 members. The members of the board are required to represent a variety of interests, backgrounds and geographic areas of the City.

Requiring appointments by city council, as well as the mayor, assures diverse citizen representation from throughout the City and creates accountability to constituents. Denver requires broad-based representation to achieve its goal of a modern, safe transportation system that improves connectivity, economic opportunity and quality of life, while reducing congestion, hazards and negative impacts on our climate. The diversity of the committee allows the City to address infrastructure and transportation solutions that overcome past inequities by providing citizens with many opportunities for input.

Establishing the board in the Charter emphasizes the high priority the people of Denver place on the transportation network by providing for community participation in its planning, construction and operations. It will assure that the board has high-quality access to DOTI leadership and can significantly impact the department’s annual budget, work plans and priorities. The board will advise the manager of DOTI on policy and operation of the department, and review and comment on the proposed annual budget for the department. The advisory body cannot be abolished or its mission changed in the future without a vote of the people.

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