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Ballot Measure 2F: 
Council Meetings


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Ballot Measure 2F

Shall Article III, Part 3, of the Charter of the City and County of Denver be updated to remove outdated language and allow for modernization of the conduct of city business?

¿Se debería actualizar el Artículo III, Parte 3, de los Estatutos de la Ciudad y el Condado de Denver para eliminar los términos obsoletos y permitir la modernización de la administración de los negocios de la ciudad?

Ballot Details

The Denver Charter was first adopted in 1904 and saw its first significant amendment in 1916. Many provisions in the current Charter have not been updated since these earliest versions and Denver has made an ongoing effort to modernize the Charter where appropriate, and where the Charter is overly prescriptive.

During the COVID-19 emergency, it became clear that some of the language in the Denver Charter could potentially restrict Council’s ability to do business during times of emergency. This proposal would remove that prescriptive language from the Charter, providing Council more flexibility to modernize the conduct of public business, while still respecting and maintaining all of the rights of the public to participate in Council meetings. City Council has proposed to move a companion ordinance with this referred measure that would simply move the current language from the Charter and put it into ordinance. By doing this, the relevant law remains exactly the same. The only legal change that results from this Charter amendment is that it creates the ability for City Council to make a change to the ordinance at some point in the future, without having to go to another vote of the people to do so.

No comments against Ballot Measure 2F were submitted by the deadline.