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Elections In Your District

Federal Offices

United States Senate

Candidate Name Party Affiliation Website
John W. Hickenlooper Democrat
Cory Gardner Republican
Daniel Doyle Approval Voting  
Stephan "Seku" Evans Unity
Raymon Anthony Doane Libertarian

United States House of Representatives

Candidate Name Party Affiliation Website
Shane Bolling Republican
Diana DeGette Democrat
Paul Noel Fiorino Unity
Jan Kok Approval Voting  
Kyle Furey Libertarian  

Colorado State Offices

Judicial Court Positions


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About Us

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A Community Partnership for Accessible, Transparent Elections, Denver Decides is a coalition of community civic organizations in Denver comprised of Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation, League of Women Voters, and Historic Denver in cooperation with various neighborhood and civic organizations.

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For specific voting and ballot information, please visit the Denver Elections Division

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Open Records Requests

CORA - Citywide Colorado Open Records Fee Policy

In order to pay for the cost of staff, custodians of public records within the City and County of Denver may charge for research and retrieval time necessary to respond to requests for records under the Colorado Open Records Act (“CORA”).  Pursuant to C.R.S. §24-72-205(6), effective July 1, 2014, staff time may be charged at a rate not to exceed $30.00 per hour.  There shall be no charge for the first hour of time for research and retrieval of records.