Candidate for Denver City Auditor 
Tim O'Brien


3266 S. Steele St.
Denver, Colorado 80210



Candidate Transcript

Hello, my name is Tim O’Brien. I am a Certified Public Accountant and a candidate for Denver City Auditor. I ask for your vote in this important election. The City Auditor should provide and maintain accountability and transparency for how our tax dollars are used. I believe I am the only candidate that can do this for you.
Your city auditor must be qualified, experienced, and free from conflict of interest.
I am qualified. I am a Certified Public Accountant. I have been licensed as a CPA in Colorado for over 40 years. I hold a bachelor’s degree with an accounting major; I have an MBA; and I hold the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst. These are all essential qualifications in order to perform the job of City Auditor.

I am experienced. I have been a CPA, licensed in the state of Colorado for over 40 years. I have profound experience in auditing and accounting. Most significant to this election, I was your Colorado State Auditor for over 11 years. During my tenure as Colorado State Auditor, I produced more than 750 audit reports that identified over $200 million in savings to the taxpayer. My audit reports were the basis for more than 100 pieces of legislation that enabled state government to better perform its job.
I am free from conflicts of interest. This is the cornerstone of the auditing profession. One cannot independently perform an audit when they have conflicts of interest. I have not been a city council member making policy for the past 8 years. The city council makes policy. The city auditor audits policy. I will not be grading my own homework. I will be objective and not biased.

I am qualified. I am experienced. And I am free from conflicts of interest.
I will hold the mayor and the city council accountable for the decisions they make when spending our tax dollars. I will work for you.

I humbly and sincerely ask for your vote. Thank you.
I look forward to working for YOU!

Candidate Statement

I am qualified.  I am licensed as a CPA in Colorado (for over 40 years).  I am experienced.  I was the Colorado State Auditor for 11+ years.  Conducted over 750 audits; recommended savings to the state of Colorado in excess of $200 million; recommended over 100 pieces of legislation that enabled state government to be more efficient and effective.  I am an innovator.  Recommended legislation that developed the Great Colorado Payback program.  This program has returned over $300 million to citizens.  I am independent, objective, and free from conflicts of interest. 


Current Occupation

Certified Public Accountant


B.S.B.A. Loyola University of Chicago

M.B.A. University of Colorado

Certified Public Accountant; Chartered Financial Analyst designation


Spouse:  Mary Frances Kelley  Daughters:  Kate, Claire, & Christina