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Candidate Statement

I'm the Founder and Chairman of the Centrist 38-State Unity Party of America, the first Unity Party Gubernatiorial nominee to appear on a General Election ballot (myself and my running mate will be appearing #3 statewide this Fall), and I'm asking for your Common Sense vote this November!

Current Occupation

Life Insurance Agent


B.A. in English & American Literature - NYU - 1997



Hello, my name is Bill Hammons. I’m the 2018 Unity Party nominee for Colorado Governor. I’m here to ask you for your vote.

I am the first Unity Party Candidate for Governor to appear on a General Election ballot. Myself and my running mate, Eric Bodenstab, will be appearing #3 statewide. I also happen to be the Founder and Chairman of the 38-State Unity Party of America, and I hope you’ll check that Unity box on your Voter Registration form in addition to voting for us.

Colorado needs to continue to lead the way on national issues. Every American deserves affordable health care, and we can start that right here in Colorado with a Colorado-based Medicare for All system.

Every American deserves freedom from forest fires, drought, and other symptoms of climate change. We have started the battle right here in Colorado, making our state the center for clean energy.

Every American deserves freedom from the growing stupidity of Washington. Drain the swamp? Ditch the swamp. Colorado should offer to finance land for new national capital East of DIA, called Lincoln, D.C.

Mr. and Mrs. Voter, if you’re not sitting down now, please do so now. You might find it shocking that I’ll admit the odds are against the Unity Party winning in 2018. However, we don’t need to earn 50% to make a difference. We just need 10%. 10% of the statewide vote in the Governor’s race will make the Unity Party a legally defined major party, starting in 2020. On the same level as the Dems and Republicans. That means the 2020 Unity Party presidential candidate can appear #1 on the ballot statewide in Colorado. Since Colorado lists major party presidential candidates alphabetically, we can make sure our presidential candidate appears #1.

Remember, we're not spoilers if the system is already rotten to the core. Remember: Hammons, Bodenstab. Thank you.

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Phone: 303-819-6141




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