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Candidate Statement

I'm running for governor to turn bold ideas into real results for you and your family. For Coloradans across our state, costs have skyrocketed while paychecks have barely increased. Together, we can take a bold action to protect our Colorado way of life, with good-paying jobs in every community, lower health care costs, and provide an affordable high-quality education for every child in our state.

Current Occupation

US Representative for Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District


BA in Political Science from Princeton University



Hi, everyone. My name is Jared Polis, and I’m honored to be running for Governor of Colorado.

I’m a proud Colorado native, and even prouder that my 4-year-old and 6-year-old get to call this amazing state their home. I want to make sure that the Colorado way of life that we love is available, not just to my kids, but to every child growing up in our state.

You know, year after year, Coloradan’s bills are growing, while for many of us, paychecks are not keeping up. I’m running for Governor because I know that if we work together and take bold actions, we could make sure that every Coloradan in every part of our state has a real opportunity to get ahead. I’ve built businesses, created jobs, met payroll, and I was really proud that in our businesses, we provided quality health care benefits and stock options from day 1. So that our employees got to share in our success. I want to bring that same spirit of entrepreneurship to the Governor’s Office.

In this campaign, I’m not accepting any PAC money or donations larger than $100, so that when I’m making decisions as Governor - about our health care, about making housing affordable, about our schools, about transportation - I’ll only answer to you: the people of Colorado. Together we’ll bring free full-day preschool and kindergarten to every child in Colorado, and end decades of underinvestment in our public schools. We’ll take immediate action to save you money on health care, while standing strong against any effort to gut the Medicaid expansion or roll back coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. We’ll make sure Colorado remains a special place to live and recreate, and create thousands of good-paying jobs across the state. And, we’ll tackle the high cost of living so families can afford, not just to live and get by, but to thrive in the communities that we love.

Again, I'm Jared Polis, and I'm grateful for this opportunity to earn your support. Thank you.

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