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Candidate Statement

Brian Watson wants to be a citizen Treasurer. A statesman - not a politician. As such, Brian has committed to not take a salary from the government if elected. Brian's goal is stewardship of Colorado's resources because every dollar matters. Brian has the most financial experience and bipartisan support in the race, and as an independent thinker, he won't play partisan politics with our state's tax dollars.

Current Occupation

CEO of Northstar Commercial Partners


Graduate of CU, Boulder


Loving and committed father of three children



Hi, I’m Brian Watson, and I’m running for State Treasurer of Colorado.

I grew up on the Western Slope of Colorado in the little town of Olathe, known for its sweet corn. And things about the Western Slope are near and dear to me – things like the love of our great outdoors and agriculture and ranching.

I went to school up in Boulder, and got a degree in real estate. And 18 years ago, I founded a company called Northstar Commercial Partners. The focus of my company is to go out and buy vacant buildings all throughout America to create jobs and opportunities and empower Americans. I am very passionate about being an entrepreneur and creating these jobs and opportunities for people all around our country. I have been blessed in building that company up to where we own assets in 16 states throughout America, and over a billion-three of value. I share that with you because I really believe that experience matters, and I want to bring all of my business experience and outsider’s approach to the State Treasurer’s Office to make a positive difference for the people of Colorado.

The Treasurer has a lot of important responsibilities, and being a good steward – a conservative steward – of our funds. To that end, I have pledged not to take a salary from the government when elected because I want to do my part to try to reduce the cost and burden of government. We would be honored to have your support in this race because we are all about building bridges and tearing down barriers among people. I’m tired of politicians that are constantly trying to divide us, when we should be united and moving forward.

You can learn more at and, again, we would be honored to have your vote and to represent you in the State Treasurer’s Office to make a positive difference for Colorado. Thank you.

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Phone: 303-519-6958




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