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Risk Assessment and Analysis

The city analyzes its risks and selects the appropriate risk management strategy to most effectively and efficiently preserve, protect and enhance the assets of the city.

The city protects the assets and public resources entrusted within through a variety of methods including the: 

·         Colorado Governmental Immunity Act, 24-10-101 et seq.

·         Self-Insurance Acknowledgment

Additionally, the city requires contracts and professional agreements to meet specific insurance limits and endorsements to protect the city’s assets as well as the interests of the contractor. Any questions regarding the insurance requirements specific to a contract should be directed to the originating agency.

The city will accept evidence of insurance in the Acord Certificate of Liability Insurance format. Contractors are advised to strictly follow the instructions found on this sample certificate.   

The aforementioned Self-Insurance Acknowledgment may be utilized by contractors when requested by their insurance broker. Any further inquiries regarding the Self-Insurance Acknowledgment may be directed to

Should further information be required regarding filing a claim against the City and County of Denver, please contact the City Attorney’s Office

Occupational Safety
The safety unit develops and implements citywide policies and provides oversight of safety activities in agencies and departments, including auditing compliance with the objectives of the City’s Occupational Safety Program. This unit also inspects city facilities for safety or physical loss concerns and provides advice to agencies in a variety of risk control areas.

Workers Compensation
The unit administers the city’s self-insured workers’ compensation program and Internal Service Fund. Its primary functions are to evaluate workers’ compensation claims to determine the city’s liability and act to minimize loss; to authorize payments for indemnity and medical costs of claims; and to arrange for the return to work of workers’ compensation claimants at the earliest possible date.

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