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Summit Savings

Summit Savings is a separate, personal, retirement savings (457b) program offered by the City and County of Denver. The plan is designed to supplement the city’s pension plan and Social Security, providing additional financial and retirement planning options. Summit Savings is a public-sector equivalent to the private sector’s 401k plans. You may choose to have your payroll deductions either made pre-tax and/or after-tax (Roth). Your Summit Savings investments can be customized as your needs require, and you can work with an investment advisor to tailor your investment options. The city does not match deferred compensation contributions. 

Have a question about deferred compensation?

Contact your Nationwide consultants to schedule an appointment. 


Deferred Compensation Committee

Current committee members:

Zlatko Letica, Controller's Office - Chairman 

John Eckhardt, Retiree - Vice-Chairman 

Gregory King, Cash, Risk and Capital Funding - Secretary 

Margaret Danuser, Office of the CFO - CFO Representative

Christopher O'Brien - Office of Human Resources 

Bettye Enders - Retiree 

Commander Les Perry - Denver Police Department 

Captain Greg Pixley - Denver Fire Department 

Sergeant Anthony Mazzei, Denver Sheriff Department 

Deferred Compensation Board Application

4th Tuesday of every month at 1:00 pm
Webb Municipal Building room 4.F.6

Plan Administrator documents available upon request

Phone Message Line: 720-913-9308