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The City and County of Denver offers a 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan (Plan) to City employees. The Plan is a savings vehicle available for City employees to assist in long term retirement needs. Plan participants can choose to elect either pre-tax or after-tax (ROTH) contributions in an array of investment choices up to the specified IRS contribution limits. 

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Deferred Compensation Committee

Current committee members:

Zlatko Letica, Controller's Office - Chairman 

John Eckhardt, Retiree - Vice-Chairman 

Gregory King, Cash, Risk and Capital Funding - Secretary 

Margaret Danuser, Office of the CFO - CFO Representative

Christopher O'Brien - Office of Human Resources 

Bettye Enders - Retiree 

Commander Les Perry - Denver Police Department 

Captain Greg Pixley - Denver Fire Department 

Sergeant Anthony Mazzei, Denver Sheriff Department 

Deferred Compensation Board Application

4th Tuesday of every month at 1:00 pm
Webb Municipal Building room 4.F.6

Plan Administrator documents available upon request

Phone Message Line: 720-913-9308