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Information about the City’s debt, including offering documents, market events, etc. can be accessed on the MSRB website

The Disclosure Statements are for the previously ended year (i.e., the 2018 Disclosure Statement is for January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017. The City disclaims any obligation to update the information in these Disclosure Statements. The posting of these Disclosure Statements on the City’s web site does not constitute a solicitation of offers to buy or offers to sell any securities. The City by posting these Disclosure Statements makes no recommendation regarding the purchase, sale or holding of any of its securities. The information contained in these Disclosure Statements is subject to change, completion or amendment without notice. These Disclosure Statements have been reformatted for use on the Internet and their physical appearance may differ from the printed document. Additional information about the City can be found on its web site. Such other information may vary or differ from the information contained in these Disclosure Statements. If additional information regarding these Disclosure Statements is sought, see Contacts on the Cash Risk & Capital Funding page for further information.

These disclosure statements were prepared in order to fulfill agreements and covenants contained in continuing disclosure undertakings executed in connection with bonds and other obligations.


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Disclosure Statements by Year

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