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Mayor Hancock Presents Transportation and Parks Budget Funds to City Council Committee

Mayor Michael B. Hancock today presented his transportation and parks budgets to City Council members. The Mayor’s 2019 Budget Proposal includes substantial funding to implement the city’s Mobility Action Plan, as well as accelerate our work to improve our parks and bring more recreation opportunities to more people and more neighborhoods.

“Doing more for transportation and parks by expanding equity and access, improving affordability, and preserving neighborhood character, culture and community will help ensure a prosperous future for every Denver resident. These are the values of Denver’s residents, and my proposed budget reflects that,” Mayor Hancock said.

Mayor Hancock’s proposed budget remains focused on offering everyone more ways to get around by biking, walking and taking transit. In 2019, we will make an additional $27 million investment to continue to improve safety, increase mobility options, manage and mitigate congestion, and address climate change.

Improving Transportation and Mobility

  • An additional $27 million to continue implementing the city’s Mobility Action Plan, including bigger commitments to Denver’s bicycle and pedestrian networks. These investments include:

o   Doubling our annual commitment to bicycle-network buildout, with a $4.2 million investment. The Mayor also is proposing a one-time $2.9 million investment in the bike network from the recent sale of a city-owned property. These funds will support Mayor Hancock’s ambitious effort to add 125 miles of bike lanes over the next five years.

  • Funding for the “Navigate North Denver” program to help residents, delivery trucks and commuters maneuver around construction projects in this part of the city.
    • $800,000 to continue the city’s support for the Denver Bike Share program. This investment would allow us to discount or even offer free B-Cycle rides to Denver residents and to extend the program into currently unserved neighborhoods.
    • $3.8 million to continue pedestrian-network buildout by making improvements at 10 intersections and filling critical sidewalk gaps.
    • $2.6 million for projects to address safety at high crash locations, to implement recommendations of the Vision Zero Action Plan, and for new safety medians in Green Valley Ranch.
    • An additional $250,000 for Safe Routes to School projects, bringing our total 2019 investment in children’s/youth safety and mobility to $750,000.
    • $1 million dedicated for transit improvements and transit program development, including speed and reliability improvements along key corridors in coordination with RTD.

Our families deserve nothing less than easily accessible, safe and fun parks where children of all ages can play and gather. In 2019, Mayor Hancock’s proposed budget will be making improvements at neighborhood parks, expanding park land, and constructing a new pocket park in Westwood, new playgrounds in north Denver and a new dog park in south Denver. The Mayor’s proposed budget also includes funding for improving maintenance, upkeep and safety patrols in downtown parks.

Growing Our Parks and Enhancing Our Recreation Programs

  • More than $1 million to improve the upkeep, maintenance and safety of our downtown parks so they remain welcoming to all.
  • $1.9 million to make improvements at neighborhood parks, expand parkland, and construct a new pocket park in Westwood, new playgrounds in North Denver and a new dog park in south Denver.
  • $200,000 to accelerate the replacement of old fitness equipment such as weights, balls and mats at recreation centers.