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Below is a summary of the types of financial obligations issued by the City and County of Denver.

The most recent Official Statement for each credit type is available below. Visit Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) website to view Official Statements for earlier issuances.

Type of Financial Obligation


6-digit issuer number

Download Most Recent Official Statement Credit Ratings (S&P / Moody’s / Fitch)

General Obligation Bonds


Series2019C AAA / Aaa / AAA

Dedicated Tax Revenue Bonds for Colorado Convention Center and National Western Center


Series 2018AB AA- / Aa3 / AA

Denver International Airport Bonds


Series 2018AB A+ / A1 / AA- (Senior Lien)
A / A2 / A+ (Subordinate Lien)

Golf Enterprise Revenue Bonds


Series 2005 NR / Baa2 / NR

Wastewater Enterprise Revenue Bonds


Series 2018 AAA / Aa1 / AAA

Certificates of Participation


Series 2018A (Colorado Convention Center Expansion)

AA+ / Aa1* / AA+

* Series 2012A, 2013A, and 2018A rated Aa2 by Moody’s

* See Official Statements for specific CUSIP numbers. CUSIP numbers are provided by the CUSIP Global Services, managed by Standard & Poor’s Global Market Intelligence on behalf of The American Bankers Association.  CUSIP numbers are provided for convenience of reference only and are subject to change after the date of issuance. The City takes no responsibility for the accuracy of any CUSIP numbers.


The Cash, Risk and Capital Funding Division within Denver’s Department of Finance manages the issuance and administration of the debt and other multi-year financial obligations of the city and its enterprises, including its Wastewater Enterprise, Golf Enterprise, and Denver International Airport.

Cash, Risk, and Capital Funding

201 W. Colfax Ave., Dept. 1010
Denver, CO 80202
(720) 913-5500

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.



201 W. Colfax Ave.
Department 1010
Denver, CO 80202

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The Cash Risk and Capital Funding Division

Phone: 720-913-9370
Fax: 720-913-9465

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