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Denver Ordinance, Tax Rules, and Tax Guide

Denver Ordinance, Tax Rules and Tax Guide

The City and County of Denver: General Tax Information Booklet (PDF) is intended to provide general tax information for anyone conducting business in the City and County of Denver. It provides information for collecting and filing sales, use, lodger’s, occupational privilege, facilities development, telecommunications, and property taxes.

The Tax Topic Guides are intended to be straightforward summaries of particular industries or business subjects. Each guide includes a brief description of the applicable law, one or more examples of taxable or exempt transactions, and references to the relevant portions of the Denver Revised Municipal Code (DRMC).

The Denver Revised Municipal Code (Ordinance) is provided on a third-party site.  This is the full set of the Denver Ordinance.  Taxes can be found in Chapter 53. The Tax Rules (see above) are issued by the Manager of Finance.  These are more detailed explanations of various sections of the City Ordinance.

These tax tutorials provide step-by-step information on various tax topics. Watch this space for more tutorials as they become available.

Introduction to Business Tax (PDF)

Construction Contractor Tax Tutorial (PDF)

Hospitality Industry Tax Tutorial (PDF)

Sales and Retailer's Use Tax Tutorial, Part 1 (PDF)

Sales and Retailer's Use Tax Tutorial, Part 2 (PDF)

Consumer's Use Tax Tutorial (PDF)



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