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Treasury Division Contacts


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Property Tax Information Taxpayer Service Unit
720-913-9300 *
Sales, Use, Lodger's, Occupational Privilege, Facilities Development Admission (FDA),
Telecommunications Business Taxes Information
Taxpayer Service Unit
720-913-9400 *
E911 Information


Correspondence Mailing Address City and County of Denver - Treasury Division
Wellington Webb Building
201 W. Colfax Ave.
Department 1009
Denver, CO 80202
Tax Compliance Don Korte - Director of Tax Compliance

Sales, Use, Lodger's, Facilities Development Admission (FDA), and Telecommunication Business Taxes (TBT)

Payment Mailing Address

P.O. Box 660860, Dallas, TX 75266-0860

Occupational Privilege and License Renewal

Payment Mailing Address

P.O. Box 660859, Dallas, TX 75266-0859

* Please note: Calls may be routed to 311 Operators. 311 Operators have access to and can answer most general tax information questions.



201 W. Colfax Ave.
Department 1009
Denver, CO 80202

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Treasury Division

Taxpayer Service Unit:
Property Tax: 720-913-9300
Excise Tax: 720-913-9400

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