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Master Plan

Plan the Work and Work the Plan, Division of Real Estate leads Denver’s Facility Master Planning Efforts

The City and County of Denver projects future service demand to increase by about 20% by the year 2025. To meet the needs of Denver residents, its important that we plan ahead to ensure that we have the necessary public facilities when they are needed.


Knowing where future growth will occur means knowing where increased demand will be.  The City proactively starts working early with developers to ensure that land is available for police and fire stations (as well as libraries) when we need it.  As an example, the City is working with the developers for the fast growth areas of Stapleton and Lowry to insure new services and facilities will be available to provide for the safety and security of new area residents.

Since 2000, we have completed work with Police, Fire Department, Libraries, Human Services, and the Mayor’s Office of Employment and Training to develop Facility Master Plans which chart the agency growth and change to determine when future services and staff will be needed. This allows us to forecast the need for office, warehouse and special facility needs and to determine funding sources before we need major repairs, remodels or new buildings.

These plans aren't just sitting on the shelf, but have been used to help prioritize the City's actions and expenditures such as exploring efficiencies through better use of existing facilities. Examples include:

  • Collocating Denver Motor Vehicles, Human Services, Denver Health and the Police in the Arie P. Taylor Building in Montbello so that citizens have one-stop service delivery.
  • Developing new fire stations to serve growth areas in Stapleton, Lowry and the Gateway/Airport area.
  • Proposing the development of new libraries in Stapleton and West Denver.

The Real Estate Division is currently working with City agencies to plan ahead for future capital needs by completing a Master Plan that has two goals:

  1. Review how the City uses its central buildings including the City and County Building, the Webb Municipal Office Building, the historic McNichols Building, the Permit Center, the Minoru Yasui Building and the Police Administration Campus. The analysis considers opportunities offered by construction of the new Justice Center. This study will give the City insights how to use these buildings in a more efficient way, saving taxpayers money while improving the way the City delivers services to all the citizens who use them.
  2. Review and update of Master Plans for Human Services, Fire, Police and Libraries. The timely analysis will survey and benchmark what was (and wasn't) accomplished from the original plans (and why) and will point out the best directions to move to effectively use these facilities in enhancing service delivery.



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