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Public Works Services

Denver Public Works is a diverse department that shares one common goal; working to improve the quality of life in Denver.


Capital Projects Management is responsible for management of the design and construction of various city projects. These include streets, alleys, bridges, viaducts, storm and sanitary sewers, and streetscape improvement projects. Our annual programs include concrete curb and gutter, curb ramps, and various concrete street and alley projects. We also handle on-call sewer work as well as Parks and Recreation projects each year

Design: The design section bids approximately 70 construction projects each year, which includes the preparation of plans, specifications and cost estimates for bidding, as well as the preparation and administration of contract documents for construction. Capital Projects Management also manages many consultant agreements for professional services, which are typically obtained through an RFQ/RFP process (Request for Qualifications/Request for Proposals). 

Construction: The construction section provides construction administration and supervision, field engineering and layout and inspection.

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Public Works Right of Way Services manages most activities associated with public development and use of the City's right-of-way.

Public Works Right of Way Services determines the required improvements and reviews plans for regulatory compliance in the areas of transportation, survey and right-of-way management. Public Works Right of Way Services provides inspection and permits for construction of private and public development projects in conjunction with the use of the City right-of-way. The Survey Section of Right of Way Services furnishes Land Survey expertise to Public Works and other city agencies as well as review of private and city development projects.

Our Mission

Provide a livable community by ensuring public health and safety through orderly development of land in a cost-effective manner supporting the Denver Comprehensive Plan, and coordinate all construction of public infrastructure in the right-of-way.

Public Works Transportation develops, reviews, evaluates, implements, and supports the design of transportation system improvements, collaborating and supporting other agencies to provide and implement mobility modifications and improvements.

The division also provides review services for privates and public projects to determine conformity with transportation system standards and the Denver Comprehensive Plan, and for potential impact and mitigation measures for the community, neighborhoods, and the system as a whole.


The Wastewater Management Division maintains more than 1,500 miles of sanitary sewers and 550 miles of storm drainage facilities.

Our Mission

The Wastewater Management Division plans, designs, constructs, operates and maintains Denver's sanitary and storm sewer systems. High quality cost effective service is provided by using a team approach and recognizing that customers and employees are paramount to the Division's success.

Our Sections

  • Wastewater Design Engineering
    The Design Section of the Wastewater Management Division is responsible for the design of all sanitary sewer improvements and storm drainage facilities within the public right-of-way of the City and County of Denver. This responsibility includes drainage problem investigation, design solutions, contract administration, preparation of standard construction drawings and specifications. Learn more
  • Water Quality
    The Water Quality Section is responsible for managing compliance programs for the City and County's Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) Permit with the State of Colorado The Water Quality Section also participates in numerous regional water quality enhancement programs.
  • Wastewater Operations
    The Wastewater Operations division maintains the sanitary and storm systems by monitoring, cleaning, repairing, and rehabilitating/reconstructing system components.
  • Wastewater Customer Service
    The Customer Service and Support section of Wastewater Management is responsible for accurately billing the agency's 155,000 customers for monthly sanitary sewer and annual storm drainage charges.

Solid Waste Management is responsible for providing Trash and Recycling services including weekly trash collection services, residential recycling, composting and large item collection services.  

In addition to waste management services, Solid Waste Management is also responsible for providing graffiti abatement services for both public and private property as part of the Denver Partners Against Graffiti program, and is home to Keep Denver Beautiful, a Keep America Beautiful affiliate program.

Denver's Street Maintenance Division repairs and improves public streets with services that include pothole patching, street and alley paving, curb and gutter repairs, and curb ramp installation as well maintenance tasks such as street sweeping and snow removal.

Right of Way Enforcement issues citations for parking violations. We address on- and off-street parking violations, private property parking violations and other violations of city parking regulations. Our officers also enforce vehicle immobilization, towing and support parking enforcement for special events, holidays, concerts and after hour university activities. We also assist in the enforcement of proper usage of signage, tables, rails and chairs and other items that may be placed by businesses on the city sidewalks.

Right of Way Enforcement governs the installation and maintenance of parking meters, and pay stations through out the City as well as the collection of the revenue generated by these parking payment options made available to the public.

In addition to the collection of revenue and enforcement of City parking ordinances, ROWE also supports agencies that administer Residential Parking Permits, Smart Cards, and collection of parking fines and penalties, along with continuing to analyze Denver Parking ordinances and the overall parking system to maintain a pleasant experience to those that live and visit Denver.

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Parking Operations manages on-street parking, residential parking permits, and parking studies within the City and County of Denver. 

The Traffic Operations team is responsible for the operation, maintenance, installation and emergency repair of traffic control devices. They maintain a fiber optic communication network providing services to the Department of Public Works, Information Technology Division and Denver Police Department.

They also operate the Transportation Management Center and are responsible for signals, electronics repair, utility locates, sign installation, sign manufacturing and pavement markings.

Fleet Management is responsible for the maintenance, repair, specification, rental, and retirement of more than 1,900 vehicles and pieces of equipment. Our agency also supplies fuel for the entire City fleet. Our goal is to provide the highest quality service at a reasonable cost, while ensuring safety and reliability.

Learn more about Fleet Management's work to "green the fleet."

National Recognition

  • Named #4 Fleet in North America by 100 Best Public Sector Fleets Award in North America in 2012 and 2013
  • Named #4 Fleet in North America by the Government Fleet
  • Ranked sixth in North America for Government Green Fleet Award in 2012
  • Fleet Management has received several other awards

Fleet Managment - Past and Present

Equipment Auctions

Denver Public Works Fleet auctions occur with the Impound Facility auctions. These take place every other Wednesday, except when noted.

Safety and Loss Management is committed to a culture that integrates safety into everything we do. The Public Works Executive Team has recognized Safety as a Core Value for our department. Our goal is to identify departmental safety needs based upon employee exposure to risk. This allows us to mitigate or eliminate hazards before they become a safety issue and to define accountability and link responsibilities to consequences. 

Safety is a shared responsibility that employees must take ownership of in the performance of their duties. Employees are also encouraged to take ownership of the safety of their co-workers. Together as a team, we inspire active employee involvement to achieve quality and excellence through continual improvement of all of our safety programs and services. People are our most important asset – their safety is our greatest responsibility.

Planning & Administration

Policy, Planning, and Sustainability serves as the vanguard for Public Works in the development of the cities vision and strategies to plan and implement the necessary infrastructure within Denver to become a world-class city where everyone matters. We coordinate with our Community Planning and Development, the Parks and Recreation, and other City departments to ensure visions set forth by our communities within Denver are included within the Engineering Plans as projects move into Design and Construction.

The four core services that PPS provides are: 

  1. Project Development, Funding, and District Coordination
  2. Mobility and Corridor Planning
  3. Environmental Resource Planning and Programming
  4. Policy Management, Organizational Planning, and Building Innovation

The department coordinates with funding agencies including DRCOG, CDOT, and Federal Funding Agencies. The goal of the department is to provide support and leadership to all programs in Public Works through: strategic policy planning and guidance; long-range transportation and infrastructure related planning; implementation of multimodal capital projects and operational efficiencies for the department; management of the City’s special districts; development of the citywide water quality plan and enhancement program; coordination, programming, and requesting of state and federal funding; providing asset management assessment and coordination services; and day-to-day environmental support services.

Visit the Public Works Projects section for more information on current and completed projects.

Finance and Administration supports the Department of Public Works by providing financial, budgeting, accounting, purchasing, safety, and information technology services. The division is responsible for managing the city’s franchise agreement with Xcel Energy and provides construction contract management for the entire city. Additionally, Finance and Administration is responsible for purchasing, distribution, and inventory management of vehicle and equipment parts in support of all three city fleets (Public Works, Fire, and Police).

Administration includes key activities such as policy development and direction, purchasing, human resource support, technology support, and financial management.

The Construction Management program goal is to manage the construction and remodeling of city buildings and related infrastructure, provide design engineering services, and manage contracted architect and engineering services. The primary activity is contract management.

The Parking program goal is to manage the city’s on and off-street parking assets. The primary parking program activity within Finance and Administration is collections. In addition to collecting payments for fines and fees, the group also provides contract oversight, revenue reconciliation and write-off policies, and processes residential parking permit applications.

The Fleet Logistics Office (FLO) program goal is to procure, distribute, and manage repair and maintenance parts for the city’s fleet of vehicles and equipment. By serving all three of the city’s fleets (Public Works, Fire, and Police) FLO creates savings and service level improvements through inventory reductions, overhead cost reductions, and purchasing process improvements. 

Public Works Communications helps educate the public about DPW programs and initiatives by working with media representatives, supporting outreach projects and maintaining public information on departmental websites and in publications. The communications team also responds to public inquiries and CORA requests, and coordinates with other city agencies to share information with city employees and officials.