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Transit Amenity Program — Dockless Mobility Vehicle Pilot Permit Program

Program Updates August 2019

Based on rider behavior observed and feedback received through Denver’s Dockless Mobility Pilot Permit Program, Denver Public Works has made an ordinance change recommendation to Denver City Council’s Land Use, Transportation & Infrastructure Committee to prohibit electric scooters on sidewalks. The Committee referred the ordinance change recommendation to the full Council for consideration later this month.

If this change is approved, people on scooters would follow the same rules as people on bikes and electric bikes and ride in the street and in bike lanes. (Please note, electric scooters would remain prohibited from riding on the 16th Street Mall.) This proposed change more closely aligns with state law signed in May and provides more consistency in enforcement. Following the launch of the ongoing permit program for commercial scooter operators, Denver Police may issue citations to any user riding in violation of the new law.

The Dockless Mobility Pilot Program, originally set to wrap up on July 31, 2019, will be extended into August. Denver Public Works anticipates starting a new, ongoing permit program in early September. Details of the ongoing program are still being finalized along with a final report-out of data on the pilot.

The City and County of Denver is exploring new ways of providing flexible, affordable, and accessible multi-modal transportation options for all. To support this goal, (DPW) is initiating a Dockless Mobility Vehicle Pilot Permit Program through the existing Transit Amenity Program, which permits the placement of amenities at transit stops to encourage the use of public transportation.

This program will allow the City to test innovative strategies and technology while assessing whether those new options help achieve the City’s stated mobility goals including a reduction of single-occupant vehicle commute trips from 73% to 50% by 2030.

The pilot program launched Summer 2018. Applicants to the program may apply for one-year, revocable permits for operation of

  • Dockless Vehicles – Bicycles/E-Bicycle
  • Dockless Vehicles – E-scooters/Other Approved Dockless Mobility Vehicles

DPW will continuously audit the program throughout its duration to ensure that all companies with deployed dockless vehicles are appropriately permitted to be operating in the public right of way.


Share your thoughts about Denver's electric scooters and dockless bikes

Comments received will help determine if adjustments should be made to the pilot program.


General program guidelines for users

  • Bicycles must follow the rules of the road and local laws when in use.
  • Electric scooters are permitted to operate in bike lanes or in the roadway on streets with speed limits of 30mph or less. If either of those aren’t an option, electric scooters can operate on the sidewalk, travelling at a speed of 6mph or less. People riding e-scooters should yield to pedestrians in all situations.
  • Users must observe and respect all designated “no ride/no parking areas”
  • This program is being permitted through Public Works' existing Transit Amenity Program and operators will be continuously required to make vehicles available at these locations (bus or light rail). Users are encouraged to return vehicles to these locations.
  • All dockless vehicles must be parked in a manner that does not impede pedestrian clear paths or access in the right of way (sidewalk area or street) or block the boarding or departure of transit users.

If a scooter or bike is blocking public sidewalk access or is on private property, please contact the operator directly for the fastest removal or adjustment of vehicles. Contact information for each operator is below. The color behind the name corresponds to the primary color of the bike/scooter to help callers identify which operator to contact.



  • Lime (Green): 1-888-LIME-345 or
  • Bird (black and white): 866-205-2442 or
  • Lyft (black and purple): 1-877-452-6699
  • Razor (red and black): 833-LASTMILE
  • Spin (orange and black): 1-888-262-5189

Continue to check back here for any updates to the pilot program as it progresses.



Program Updates February 2019

  • Following the introduction of a Dockless Mobility Pilot Program in August 2018, Denver Public Works released this midpoint report-out of data on the pilot program (PDF). 
  • Denver’s Dockless Mobility Pilot Program explores new ways of integrating dockless scooter and e-bike technologies into our transportation network and tests these new innovations for their ability to offer flexible and affordable options that meet Citywide mobility goals like the reduction of single occupancy vehicle use. Read an overview of the program (PDF – Summer 2018)
  • The next step of the  pilot program was announced in February 2019 with a dynamic fleet sizing policy that allows for modest increases, or potential decreases, of dockless fleet sizes, based on vehicle utilization performance measures. Read the policy here (PDF)

Additional Resources

Please fill out the application, print and sign, then submit with other materials by email to along with payment.