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Public Works Standards, Details, Manuals, Plans & Studies

Last updated: MAY 2018

All documents link to PDF files unless otherwise noted.

Reference Title Additional documentation Last Modified
PWES-001.5 Transportation Standards and Details for the Engineering Division   4/1/2017
PWES-002.0 Streetscape Design Manual   1/1/1993
PWES-003.0 Sidewalk Initiative   10/23/2002
PWES-004.0 Water Quality Management Plan   1/1/2004
PWES-005.1 Storm Drainage Design & Technical Criteria   11/1/2013
PWES-006.0 Sanitary Sewer Design Technical Criteria Manual   3/1/2008
PWES-007.0 Construction Activities Stormwater Manual   6/1/2010
PWES-008.0 Aesthetically Enhanced Detention and Water Quality Ponds   9/1/2010
PWES-009.0 Traffic Engineering Services Signal, Sign & Marking Standards   1/12/2012
PWES-010.0 Wastewater Capital Projects Standard Construction Specifications
PDF Portfolio - requires Adobe Acrobat; right-click to download 
PWES-011.1 Wastewater Management Standard Detail Drawings   8/1/2015
PWES-012.1 Street Lighting Design Guidelines   3/1/2017
PWES-013.0 Ultra Urban Green Infrastructure Guide   3/1/2016
PWES-014.0 Bikeway Design Guidelines   6/1/2016
PWES-015.0 Uncontrolled Pedestrian Crossing Guidelines   9/1/2016
PWES-016.0 Small Cell Infrastructure Design Guidelines   4/1/2018


April 10, 2018 — Modification to Wastewater STD DTL S-501 .1 & S-701 : Riser Height Wastewater Manholes

Denver Public Works Wastewater Management crews have been supporting Street Maintenance by raising and lowering manholes for their paving operations program. We are requesting that all City and County of Denver Project Managers either in Design or during the submittal process modify the maximum riser height according to the redlined STD DTL S- 501.1 & S-701. This applies to areas that are within the City and County of Denver right-of- way.

STD DTL S-501.1 & S-701 (PDF)

The modification will minimize the need for the Wastewater Management crews to plasma cut the ring to lower the manhole and they will be able to simply remove the two risers to obtain the depth required for milling operations. This also eliminates the need to haul additional equipment and has a significant effect on reducing the time it takes to prepare the road for Street Maintenance paving operation.

Manager's Memo (city credentials required)
Public Works Master Plans

These documents drive the planning and development of Public Works' projects and priorities. New plans are adopted after rigorous study and review and are periodically updated to reflect the changing conditions in the City and County of Denver.