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SMART Denver

SMART Denver is the Department of Public Works' annual strategic action plan. The SMART plan outlines the critical goals, objectives and actions that will help us continually make progress toward achieving sustainable, multi-modal, attractive, resilient and transparent public infrastructure, services and facilities. While this document is a road-map of our work ahead, it also documents where Public Works will invest its resources and focus for the coming year. 

Public Works is made up of 1,200+ men and women who are proud to deliver services that help to define the quality of life in Denver. The Strategic Plan not only celebrates the department’s successes, but it also allows us to hold ourselves accountable to our clients and our community.


SMART Denver Plan (PDF)

Sustainable: Denver Public Works commits to advancing a sustainable City that is prosperous, cleaner, safer, healthier, improves the availability of all transportation choices, and one that promotes less waste of energy and natural resources.

Mobile: Denver aspires to provide a safe, efficient, and reliable network that supports sustainable, convenient, and easy transportation options connecting pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, and automobile drivers to vibrant places.

Attractive: Public Works commits to enhancing the quality of life in Denver by improving the cleanliness of our communities, attracting and supporting businesses, and helping to grow the economy.

Resilient: Denver Public Works will maintain and improve the condition of existing multi-modal transportation, drainage, and other infrastructure facilities and maximize the ability to withstand, respond to, and recover from adverse events.

Transparent: Denver Public Works will increase transparency of projects, service, initiatives, budget priorities, and contracting opportunities; consider new ways to engage the public and our employees.