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New 24-hour Transit Lane Coming to 17th Street Downtown

DENVER – It’s the second 24-hour transit lane to be added in Downtown Denver within the last two months to help move more peoplemore efficiently in the city with transit. Next week, weather permitting, crews will begin installing red-colored “bus only” markings and new signage on 17th Street from Broadway to Market. Installation could take a few weeks to complete. An additional block from Market to Blake will be added after a construction project on that block is complete.

The dedicated lane will reduce the time it takes to get through downtown on transit and make transit a more convenient option. 17th Street is already an important transit corridor, with 60 buses per hour running at peak and more than 650 buses running on the corridor each weekday.

The new markings on 17th Street organize the roadway so that people who ride in cars and buses have dedicated space along the corridor to travel safely and with greater predictability. Red striped areas indicate where drivers can enter the transit lane to make right turns. To accommodate the dedicated transit lane along this stretch, metered spaces on the right side of 17th Street have been removed; however, parking on the left side of the street will be maintained.

In October, Denver Public Works debuted a 24-hour transit lane on another popular transit corridor - 15th Street from Court Place to Larimer Street. Transit only lanes are also planned for 18th and 19th Streets downtown. Installation is anticipated to occur in the 2020-2021 timeframe and these two stretches are also getting protected bike lanes.

Transit time and reliability improvements and a high-quality, convenient, and reliable transit network meet the goals and vision of our community established through multiple recent planning efforts including the Comprehensive Plan 2040, Blueprint Denver, Denver Moves: Transit, and the Mayor’s Mobility Action Plan.