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2014 Project Archive

See highlights from projects completed by Public Works in 2014. For information on projects completed prior to 2014, please contact Public Works Communications at

Connecting Auraria

Connecting Auraria logoThis study addressed the changing needs of the Auraria Campus to develop a thoughtful, implementable short-term plan to enhance bicycle and pedestrian safety and comfort between the growing campus and its surrounding neighborhoods and Downtown Districts. 

Read the final report

1st & Steele Street Alternatives

aerial view of study area with street name labels

This study, identified and explored near-term, implementable strategies to simplify and and improve the this busy intersection, following the 2012 Cherry Creek Area Plan, which recommended further study. With density increasing through redevelopment directly adjacent to the area, there is opportunity for the intersection to better serve demand from all modes. 

Read more about the study and the final report

Santa Fe / Kalamath Bicycle & Pedestrian Crossing Study

street view of study areaThis study was conducted to identify pedestrian and cyclist movements and impediments to movement and propose near-term, implementable solutions within the study area. The study area is bound by Santa Fe, Kalamath, 9th Avenue, and 14th Avenue.

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Denver Union Station

Denver Union Station sign and RTD canopy

Denver Union Station is a unique project that brought together many different transportation modes along with new private development to create a truly special place in Denver that connects the city, region and state in one central location. Since the purchase of the historic building in 2001, the Regional Transportation District (RTD), the City and County of Denver (CCD), the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) have worked cooperatively with the public to develop and adopt a number of key decision documents that guide the project.

More information at Union Station Neighborhood

Yale Corridor Traffic Study

Yale study area

This project was a cooperative technical study by the City and County of Denver and Arapahoe County. The primary purposes were to evaluate the effects of the Wabash Street Bridge and the realignment of the Yale/Syracuse intersection on Yale Avenue traffic patterns, and to identify potential improvements to enhance multi-modal efficiency and safety between South Dahlia Street & Syracuse Way.

Read the final report