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39th Ave Construction Schedule

Schedule subject to change. Updated as of August 2019

map of projects along 39th avenue with start dates listed 

Anticipated project schedule as of August 2019. The schedule is subject to weather and may change without notice.


Starting July: Pipe installation near Blake/40th Avenue, crossing Walnut Street to Franklin Street

Starting December: Stormwater and pipe installation east of Franklin Street


Starting February: Pipe installation on 39th Avenue from west of Steele Street to Jackson Street

Starting February: Greenway construction on 39th Avenue from Franklin Street to Steele Street

Starting March: Bridge construction on York Street

Starting March: Pipe installation on 40th Avenue west of Clayton Street

Starting April: Bridge construction on Williams Street

Starting April: Pipe installation on Clayton Street north of 40th Avenue

Starting April: Pipe installation on Madison and Monroe streets from 39th Avenue to 42nd Avenue

Starting September: Pipe installation on 42nd Avenue and Jackson Street