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June 2019

construction area sign with details about future greenway project 

"Home of the 39th Avenue Greenway” sign located at 39th and York


February 2019

Construction photos (left to right):

  • Leveling and preparing the ground to place additional stormwater culverts under Blake and 40th Street
  • Aerial view showing where the new stormwater drainage system will connect to the existing system.
  • New concrete paving at Blake and 40th Street.






October 2018

As a part of the construction of the 39th Avenue Greenway project, Crews will place 166 culvert boxes (10’ x 8’) between Blake and Franklin Streets along 40th Avenue. Each culvert box weighs approximately 20 tons and are designed to carry stormwater out of the area during flooding. This video shows the placement of one of those box culverts on the project in mid-October.