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Colfax Streetcar Feasibility Study

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The City and County of Denver (CCD) assessed the technical and economic feasibility for development of a “modern streetcar” line on the Colfax Avenue Corridor. The initial study area was bounded on the west by Interstate 25 (I-25), on the east by Syracuse Street, on the south by 12th Avenue, and on the north by 19th Avenue. In addition to exploration of the feasibility of a streetcar application on Colfax in the study area, the Colfax Street Feasibility Study (CSFS) process identified criteria to evaluate candidate corridors for a potential broader streetcar network.

The Colfax corridor is currently functioning as a productive transit corridor and has experienced redevelopment and reinvestment in recent years.  Stakeholders in the Colfax corridor have suggested a modern streetcar would have mobility and economic investment benefits.  If these outcomes could be achieved they would also support the City’s broader policy objectives for transportation and land use as described in the East Colfax Small Area Plan, the Strategic Transportation Plan, Greenprint Denver, and Blueprint Denver.  The goals for the Colfax corridor included:

  • Enhancing mobility
  • Improving sustainable transportation options
  • Enhancing and promoting economic development

The primary purpose of the study was to identify how a modern streetcar in the Colfax corridor would affect:

  • transit ridership
  • types of transit riders
  • reliance on private automobile trips
  • traffic operations
  • adjacent property values
  • new economic investment

The secondary purpose of this study was to develop criteria that can be used to evaluate the potential for streetcar implementation in Denver’s other transportation corridors.

Project Contact:
Terry Ruiter, Principal Planner
Denver Public Works - Policy and Planning