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SH30 Hampden/Havana Pedestrian Safety Connections Improvements Project

As part of the SH 30 Hampden/Havana Pedestrian Safety Connections Improvements Project, Denver and CDOT are proposing to improve pedestrian safety along Hampden Avenue and Havana Street from approximately Dayton Street to Dartmouth Avenue.

Project Features

  • A new 8- to 10-foot-wide sidewalk on the western edge of the John F. Kennedy Golf Course and the eastern edge of Hentzell Park. A short stretch of the sidewalk near the golf course maintenance shed will be 20 feet wide to accommodate the golf course maintenance staff.
  • A 12- to 15-foot-wide tree lawn between the sidewalk and the roadway.
  • Enhanced landscaping between Dayton Street and the golf course parking entrance.
  • A new stone masonry wall at the drainage outflow north of Dartmouth Avenue.
  • A sidewalk connection to the Cherry Creek Trail to enhance trail access.

The majority of the above work will be constructed within the transportation right-of-way. However, the sidewalk will occasionally encroach onto the golf course and park property an average of 15 feet and maximum of 25 feet.

Project Update — January 2017

Most of the work along the SH 30 Hampden/Havana Pedestrian Safety Connections Improvements Project has been associated with Xcel’s 1% Undergrounding Project that is undergrounding the overhead distribution powerline that includes Century Link and Comcast overhead lines. The Xcel project is nearing completion and will include upgrading the street lighting to new standards when finished.

Construction of the Pedestrian Safety Connections has been progressing along the west side of Havana north of Dartmouth at Kennedy Golf Course. Weather permitting, work will continue from Dayton to 1300 linear feet north of Dartmouth, with earthwork, drainage, additional utility adjustments, and improved bus stop locations. Sidewalk construction and irrigation and landscaping improvements will follow. 

The ongoing work in Winter 2017 is behind curb and gutter; some daily traffic lane closures may be in place during off peak hours next to curb with removal of lane closures after work hours. Project completion is anticipated by July 2017.

Map of project area along E. Hampden Ave to Havana St, adjacent to Cherry Creek Trail and John F Kennedy Golf Course and Hentzell Park; cut fill areas and proposed concrete walked marked on west side of Havana north of Dartmouth and east side of Hampden to the south

Project Status: Construction

Construction in the area began in Fall 2016 and is expected to be completed in Summer 2017.


Project approvals have been obtained through the Federal, State and City agencies. This project has been re-advertised in the month of June for bids for construction with construction to commence in the fall of 2016 and continue through expected completion in the spring of 2017.  

Project Contact

Jess Ortiz, PE

Senior Engineer/Project Manager
Denver Public Works