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Washington Street Study

Washington Street was identified in the Globeville Neighborhood Plan as “an attractive corridor that creates a positive sense of place, attracts private reinvestment, and better accommodates all transportation modes.” The Washington Street Study will refine and progress this vision of Washington Street into an implementable conceptual design.

Challenges along Washington Street include the existing right of way width of 60 feet and the inconsistency and poor condition of the curb, gutter and sidewalk to provide definition and separation between vehicular travel and pedestrian space. Intersection capacity, multi-modal connectivity and water quality infrastructure needs are additional challenges along the street.

Final Report

cover of Washington Street Study reportThe Washington Street Study Report is now available. It identifies a preferred alternative that will connect the overall visions and goals of the Neighborhood Plan into a phased and implementable approach to achieving the vision for Washington Street as a mixed-use riverfront destination area that capitalizes on its adjacency to the South Platte River, a revitalized Washington Street, reinvented greenspace, and direct connections across the river to the National Western Center.

Funding has been identified for 30% design for the study area as well as the complete design and construction for 47th Avenue to 52nd Avenue through the GO Bond.


Estudio de la Calle Washington: La Calle Washington ha sido identificada en el Plan Vecinal de Globeville como “un corredor atractivo que crea un sentido positivo de lugar, atrae reinversiones privadas, y acomoda perfectamente todos los modos de transporte”. El Estudio de la Calle Washington refinará y progresará con esa visión de la Calle Washington para llegar a un diseño conceptual implementable.

Los desafíos de la Calle Washington incluyen el ancho actual de la zona de derecho de paso (derecho de vía) de 60 pies (18 metros) y la inconsistencia y pobres condiciones de los cordones, las canaletas y veredas para proveer definición y separación entre el tráfico vehicular y el espacio para los peatones. La capacidad de la intersección, la conectividad multimodal, y las necesidades de la calidad de la infraestructura de agua son otros desafíos en esta calle.


The study limits start at the South Platte River and extend north to the City and County of Denver municipal boundary limits near 52nd Avenue. The analysis, planning and conceptual design will address the changing land uses and the future vision for the corridor as a mixed use street, as previously identified in the Globeville neighborhood Plan.

Multimodal connections for the Washington Street corridor as well as the adjacent corridors will also be considered to integrate the street into a larger surrounding context. 

Study Goals

  • General multimodal connectivity assessment including bicycle, pedestrian, transit and vehicular as related to Washington Street, 51st, 49th, 47th, and 45th  Avenues, South Platte River Regional Trail,  trail links, rail connections, access and parking
  • Typical corridor cross section(s) and intersection designs for connectivity
  • Preliminary assessment of storm drainage and water quality needs and opportunities
  • Urban design principles and tools to inform future development, placemaking, planning and design for public and private investments along the corridor
  • Conceptual design
  • Community engagement

Project Timeline

The project is organized into three phases with public engagement opportunities included in each phase. The study is scheduled for completion in late 2017.

  • Phase 1: Craft guiding principles
  • Phase 2: Draft development alternatives and review and comment
  • Phase 3: Preferred alternative and conceptual design for review and discussion, leading to a final plan and report
Project Status: Study

The transportation study began in November 2016 and will include three phases to address both technical and design elements to recommend improvements to Washington Street from the South Platte River to the north Denver border. The study is expected to conclude in late 2017 with the presentation of a preferred alternative.

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Hotline: 855-244-2356


Project Manager

Karen Good, Denver Public Works


Public Involvement

During the study, we will engage the public through a series of meetings and survey tools. This page will be updated as meeting dates and surveys are finalized.

Public meeting #1 — May 3, 2017

Public Meeting #2 — August 15, 2017

Public Meeting #3 — October 24, 2017

Community Working Group

There will be five working group meetings. See meeting materials in the Updates section.



Denver voters approve GO Bond

The 2017 GO Bond that was approved by voters in the November 2017 election included funding for the full roadway reconstruction of Washington Street from 47th Avenue to the City & County line at 52nd Avenue. Denver Public Works and NDCC will continue to explore options for implementing corridor recommendations south of 47th Avenue.

For more information on the 2017 GO bond, go to

Community Working Group Meeting #5

Community Working Group Meeting #4

Community Working Group Meeting #3

Community Working Group Meeting #2

Community Working Group Meeting #1

Presentation to National Western Center Executive Oversight Committee, National Western Center Citizens Advisory Committee

Presentation (PDF)