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I-70 East

I-70 East Corridor EIS

In July 2003, CDOT and Denver's Regional Transportation District (RTD) began a joint study effort called the I-70 East Corridor Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). An EIS is typically a three- to five-year decision-making process required before any major federally funded transportation project can be built. The EIS ensures that issues affecting the community and the environment are identified and considered before making a final decision. The process is conducted by local, state, and federal agencies and is a requirement of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

The purpose of the I-70 East Corridor EIS was to improve transportation along the I-70 highway corridor from I-25 to Tower Road and to explore potential rapid transit options from Downtown Denver to Denver International Airport.

Final EIS - 2016

City and County of Denver's response to CDOT's I-70 East Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)

Supplemental Draft EIS - 2014

City and County of Denver's response to CDOT's I-70 East Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (SDEIS)

The Colorado Department of Transportation's public comment period on the current, preferred plan for I-70 East ended Oct. 31, 2014. Denver's response to the SDEIS is below.

I-70 Alignment Neighborhood Outreach (2011-12)

The City of Denver and CDOT worked together to provide extended neighborhood outreach regarding the I-70 alignment between Brighton Boulevard and Colorado Boulevard. This outreach effort focused on the neighborhoods of Elyria, Globeville and Swansea.

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