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Additions include construction projects for the expansion of existing structures or land development associated with existing structures for commercial or multi-family properties.

Minor Additions
  • A pre-application meeting/concept review is required. Development Services will determine if additional reviews are required. 
  • For most small projects, you may self-guide through the potential reviews and permits listed at the right.
  • Contact the Zoning Team for additional information.
Major Additions
  • A pre-application/concept review and site development plan review are required. You will be assigned a project coordinator to assist you through the review and permitting process. 
  • Contact the Projects Team for additional information.

Additions Project Guide

The review and permitting process varies according to the size and location of your project. The following is a list of what may be needed.

When you are ready to apply for building permits, or simultaneous zoning/building permits, use the forms, checklists, and instructions from the Commercial Building Permit Guide below.