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Change of Use / Tenant Finish / Remodel

Tenant finish and remodel projects include the alteration or reconfiguration of existing commercial or multi-family residential structures. This type of project may occur within or outside of a structure, but does not include the construction of any new structures or the expansion of existing structures.

Tenant finish/remodel projects are often the result of a change in how an existing building space is being used, for example: to accommodate a new business or tenant. Some projects of this type are subject to additional requirements that are identified in the zoning code "change of use" and/or the building code "change of occcupancy" requirements. For more on zoning, visit Zoning for Your Project or contact the Zoning Team.

A pre-application/concept review may be required depending on the complexity of your project. Contact the Projects Team for additional Information.


Project Guide

The review and permitting process varies according to the size and location of your project. The following is a list of what may be required. A list of the reviews and permits needed for your specific project will be identified upon completion of the pre-application/concept review.


Potential Reviews and Permits