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Public Records

A. Requests for Public Records

Please request records as follows:

B. Fees

Hourly fees for research and retrieval of records
Research, retrieval and administrative fees may apply to your public records request. Up to 1 hour of research, retrieval and administrative work toward responding to a public records request will be completed at no charge. Beginning at 1 hour, a $33/hour charge will be assessed. Fees also apply for hard copies of public records as follows:

Fees for hard copies of records (Hourly fees for research, retrieval and administrative time may apply): 

  • Documents in electronic format if normally maintained in electronic format: No charge.
  • Paper, standard page (one page, up to 11” x 17"): No charge for first 20 pages; after 20 pages, 25 cents/page.
  • Paper, oversized page (one side of a page, larger than 11” x 17”): $5 per page
  • Paper, oversized or large volume that must be sent out for scanning or copying by a third-party vendor: actual vendor charge 
  • Records retrieved from off-site storage by a third-party vendor: actual vendor charge. Charges begin at $25. May require 5-10 business days.
  • CD or DVD: $1
  • Certified letter verifying records provided are certified copies (for court purposes): $5

C. Methods of Delivery and Inspection

Research, retrieval and administrative fees may apply.

  • Email is the preferred method of delivery for public records, when possible. There is no charge for sending electronic documents via email. 
  • Records may be mailed via US Mail. Requestor will be charged the actual mailing cost. 
  • Upon request, staff will make original or hard copies of public records available for inspection, with staff accompaniment, by appointment and during business hours. Such records may not be removed from the premises.
  • Upon request, other requested methods of delivery, such as uploading documents to an FTP site, saving documents on a customer’s thumb drive, or shipping via FedEx against the requestor’s account, may be accommodated. Please inquire along with your records request.

D. Payment methods/process

Fees for public records may be paid by check, cash or credit card.  

  • To pay for records in person, take your invoice to the cashier on the 2nd floor of the Wellington Webb Municipal Building.
  • To pay for records by phone or email, please contact 720-865-2780 or Staff will contact you between the hours of 7:30 and 10 a.m. for your credit card information.    
  • To pay for records by mail, send a check along with a copy of your invoice to:

Denver Community Planning and Development
201 W. Colfax Ave., Dept. 205
Denver, CO 80202

Requests made under the Colorado Open Records Act

Denver Community Planning and Development is a local government entity and will make public records available in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Colorado Open Records Act (“CORA”), Colorado Revised Statutes §24-72-201, et seq. 

A formal Colorado Open Records Act request is NOT necessary for most records requests. Requests made under the Colorado Open Records Act must be made in writing (records request form [PDF] optional) and must include the following. 

  • Requestor’s full name, address and telephone number.
  • As detailed a description of the records requested as is reasonably possible.
  • A statement that the request is made pursuant to the provisions of the Colorado Open Records Act, Colorado Revised Statutes §24-72-201, et seq.
  • If a request includes documents from multiple sections within CPD, send the request to and records staff will coordinate a joint response.

Staff will provide records in the form in which they are used by Denver Community Planning and Development. Generally, staff will not manipulate data to generate a record in another form.

Requests for records held by other city departments will be declined and customers will be referred to the department(s) believed to be custodians of the records.


Building Permit Records

Search permit records online


1) Enter e-permits to register for an e-permits account 
2) Sign into e-permits and then go to the "Development Services" tab 
3) Search building permit records either by date, record type, address, or specific record number

From any record that has an issued permit, use the "Permits and Licenses" link at the top of your screen to download a copy of the permit.

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