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Staff at walk-through will review your application over-the-counter and can issue a permit the same day you come in, provided the application is approved and permit fees are paid. Walk-through reviews are limited to 30 minutes per customer.

What to Bring with You 

Consult the project guides located on these webpages, as applicable to you: Inside the HomeOutside the HomeDemolition, or Applying for permits as a homeowner.

If the structure is in a historic district or is a landmark structure, prior approval is required from Landmark Preservation before coming to apply for a permit at the walk-through counter.


Schedule your visit now. 

Or, for drop-in visits, view counter hours and notices of any closures on our Contact Us page. 

Projects Reviewed

This counter reviews residential projects of the lowest complexity, which do not require approval from any other agency.

  • Fences
  • Interior renovations
  • Issuance of demolition permits
  • Windows and exterior doors (new or altered openings)
  • Egress windows
  • Non-structural repair due to water or fire damage
  • Basement finish
  • Patio covers and enclosures
  • Decks
  • Car ports
  • Detached storage units (sheds etc.)
  • Detached garages - NOTE: Applications for detached garages can be submitted to the walk-through counter, but will not receive a same-day permit. They will be logged in for a review within 7 days. OR, avoid waiting in line and submit detached garage applications online:
    1. Sign in to e-permits
    2. Select Development Services > Apply for a permit
    3. Select a Permit Type > Building Log
    4. On the project details page, under project information, select the following:
      • Project Classification: Single Family/Duplex Residential
      • Project Scope: New Accessory Structure

Any projects that involve structural work, new or existing, or that require a change of occupancy or a change of use cannot receive a same-day permit from a walk-through counter. These must go to the Log In counter to be logged in for plan review.

Projects involving education or institutional functions, such as a daycare, or involving marijuana plant husbandry must also go to the Log In counter.

Graphic of sunshine hitting a solar panelSolar. Most residential mechanical/electrical/plumbing work can be done via Quick Permits, after a residential construction permit is received. However, residential solar/PV systems under 10kW and new utility services larger than 200 amps need to be reviewed by the Electrical team at the Commercial/Multifamily (Electrical) counter. Solar over 10kW must go to the Log In counter.

What to Bring with You

Consult the tenant finish/remodel checklist in the Commercial Building Permit Guide (PDF).

If the structure is in a historic district or is a landmark structure, prior approval is required from Landmark Preservation before coming to apply for a permit at the walk-through counter.


Counter hours and notices of any closures are always posted on our Contact Us webpage. Please check hours and notices before planning your visit.

Projects Reviewed

The commercial or multifamily walk-through counters review applications for projects that have a total construction valuation of under $500,000, do not involve structural work, and do not need a change of occupancy, change of use, or reviews by other agencies.

There are four counters open during the commercial/multifamily walk-through hours: (1) Architectural/Structural, (2) Electrical, (3) Mechanical/Plumbing, and (4) Fire. Check in for the counter (or counters, if you need multiple approvals) that best suits the type of same-day review you need.

These projects may include:

  • Tenant finish in retail and business properties
  • Temporary offices
  • Non-structural repair due to water or fire damage
  • Minor structural work related to emergency like-for-like repair of existing buildings, that is not the result of a collapse or notice/order from the City of Denver
  • Sign installation
  • Non-structural remodel of a residential unit in a multifamily building (condo, townhome, apartment)
  • Preparatory demolition ("Prep Demo" and "Expanded Prep Demo" permits)
  • Access control
  • Residential service over 200 amps 
  • Solar/PV systems under 10kW

Commercial Types that are Not Eligible for a Same-day Review. Educational or institutional occupancies (e.g., daycare, assisted living), food service establishments, warehouse or manufacturing facilities, and marijuana plant husbandry or extraction operations are not eligible for a same-day review.

Click here to view fee schedules for building and land development permits and services.


Projects too complex for same-day review:

If, at any point in the review, the reviewer determines that the project is too complex or lacking information required to allow approval, the project must be logged in for review.

If you are unsure, please call 720-865-2790 to verify that your project is eligible for a same-day review.