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Welcome to E-permits

If your project has a Log number and an issued commercial or multifamily construction permit, do not apply for a quick permit online. Click here for instructions.

Before entering e-permits, check these helpful resources:

  • Contractors: Protect your account by making sure you have a valid email on file with Contractor Licensing.
  • Use the DevelopDENVER map to check your site's landmark/historic status. Exterior work (including roofs) in a landmark/historic area cannot be permitted online.
  • Use the Assessor's database to make sure your address is in Denver. Online payments cannot be refunded.

All e-permits are either reviewed by plan review staff, or in the case of quick permits, are inspected in the field. Work that exceeds the scope of a quick permit, or that is not allowed under your contractor's license type, may result in the suspension or revocation of your contractor's license in Denver.


Tutorials and Troubleshooting

New to e-permits? Download a quick PowerPoint tutorial:

How do I...

On a mobile device

If you are using the mobile version of the e-permits system, just enter your log number or address in the search bar on the home page. You will need to create an account in the main e-permits portal first to be able to use the mobile site.

On a desktop

You do not need an e-permits account to check plan review status.

(1) Enter e-permits, and then click the Development Services tab.

(2) Type your log number in the Record Number box, or to search by address, fill in the street number and street name boxes.

(3) On the results page, click the log number that corresponds to the permit you seek.

(4) The building log detail page (shown below) will tell you if the review is in progress, issued, finaled, etc. Plan review details are located under Processing Status. As the review is ongoing, plan review comments may be available under Attachments.

Screenshot of e-permits webpage showing processing status

To apply for permits and schedule inspections, you must have a valid contractor’s license in Denver for the work covered under the permit.

Adding your license to an e-permits account

First, make sure you have your official contractor's license on hand for this step. It requires exact information.

1) From any page in e-permits, click Account Management at the top of your screen. 

2) Scroll down to the License Information section and click the Add a License button on the right side of your screen.

3) Select which license type you hold. 

4) Then, enter your license number exactly as it appears on your license card, including “LIC” and any zeroes. Do not add zeroes if the license number on your card does not have any.

Examples: “LIC001234” or “LIC12345”

5) Click Find License.

6) Verify that the license is correct and click Connect under the Action column.

7) Click ok on the last pop-up, and your license is now added to your e-permits account.

TIP: After adding your license, your previous permits will show up under My Records, allowing you to easily select a specific permit to check its status or schedule inspections.

Adding a license during the e-permit application process

Step 2 of the e-permit application will ask you to add your contractor. You can add up to two contractors to a permit. 

1) To start, click Look up.  

2) Select which license type you hold and click Look up again.

3) Choose your license from the list, and hit Continue.

The licensed professional(s) added to the permit at this stage will be notified about the application.

The online quick permit application asks for the property's address and parcel number.

If you cannot find the right parcel number, click here to do a search of Denver property records. The parcel number will be listed at the top of your "property information" page.

In most cases, e-permits will be able to find your parcel number for you. 

1) In the online permit application, enter the street number and name in the address fields, and hit "search."

2) A pop-up will list your parcel number.

If there are multiple parcel numbers, select the radial button to the left of the number and "Associated Owners" information will appear below. Continue clicking through the parcel numbers until you see the correct ownership information, and then hit "select."

If you cannot find a parcel number through either of the above methods, the property address is likely not in Denver.

The cut-off time to schedule an inspection for the next business day using the online system is 11:59 p.m.

You'll need an e-permits account and either the permit number or site address to schedule inspections for an issued permit. 

Download a PowerPoint tutorial (contains screenshots for creating an account, adding a license to your account, scheduling inspections) OR

Watch a video on how to schedule Camera icon

Watch a video on how to find your inspection results Camera icon

On your phone? Use the mobile version. Note: If you don't already have an account, you'll need to set one up in the main e-permits portal first.

You can only pay for one permit at a time. Discover, MasterCard, and Visa cards are accepted. Fees are based on the valuation of the work. View fee schedules here.

**Note that online payments are not refundable. Double-check that you are paying on the correct permit and project address.**

All users

For commercial mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work when a construction permit is already issued 

First, make sure you have added your license to your e-permits account. 

Then, go to My Records under the Home tab in e-permits. Find the correct permit record and click the option to pay permit fees.

Watch a video Camera icon of these steps if you need further help finding a commercial/multifamily trade permit to pay online.

If you do not see a permit under My Records...

  • Dial 3-1-1 (720-913-1311 from outside of Denver) or email to be connected to e-permits staff. Have your log number, contractor's license, and project valuation when you call. Staff will create the permit record over the phone.
  • Or, make sure the general contractor picking up the general construction permit gives us the M/E/P contractors' information and work valuation at that time. Then the permit record will already be created and the subcontractor can just log in to e-permits to pay for the permit and will not need to call 3-1-1 to give us that information.

Emailed as a PDF

After filling out an online application, you must complete payment before your permit will be emailed. A copy of the issued permit will be sent as a PDF attachment to the email address that was listed in the "applicant" field of the application.

Make sure to check your spam folder.

You can also print the issued permit from e-permits directly.

1) To do so, select the permit record from your My Records page (located under the Home tab), or go to the Development Svcs tab and search for your permit record using either the permit number or your log number.

  • If you search by log number: On the building log page, go to Related Records on the Record Info tab. Click View entire tree >> to open a list of all permits issued under your log number. Then click View next to each permit you want to access.

2) Once on the permit detail page, print a copy of the permit using the Permits and Licenses drop-down link at the top of your screen.

TIP: Make sure you have enabled pop-ups.

If you submitted plans for review electronically, you can use e-permits to download a copy of your final, approved plans once the review is complete.

Plans submitted on paper are not available to download online.

1) Enter e-permits, and on the Development Svcs tab, search for your permit record using either the property address or your permit number.

  • Note: If you have multiple permits (e.g., COMMCON, ELEC, PLUMB, SUDP), you will need to go to each of these permits individually to find the respective discipline's approved plans.

2) On the permit detail page, your approved plans are located on the Record Info tab, under Attachments. Your issued permit will be available from the Permits and Licenses link in the top-right corner of the page. 

TIPS: Make sure you have enabled pop-ups. Documents posted on the Attachments tab will take longer to load than the rest of the page.

Finding permits with only a log number

1) Enter e-permits, and on the Development Svcs tab, search using your log number.

2) On the building log page, go to Related Records on the Record Info tab.

3) Click View entire tree >> to open a list of all permits issued under your log number. Then click View next to each permit you want to access, and follow the directions above.

Electronic plan review is available for most projects, allowing you to submit applications and PDF plans for zoning, building, wastewater, and fire permits without coming to the permit counter in person.

View detailed electronic submittal instructions by project type.

Some projects will instruct to return to this page and use e-permits. Other projects will have email instructions, and in time, will be available in e-permits also.

  • Sign into e-permits.
  • Go to Home > My Records to view your projects.
  • Select the appropriate record where you want to resubmit.
  • On the record detail page, go to Record Info > Attachments to upload documents. 
  • Make sure to hit “save” after uploading new/revised documents.

Resubmittals for site planning records that were not started in e-permits

To resubmit plans for projects initially submitted via the old e-plan/EFT site, by email, or on paper, send the email address associated with your e-permits account and the project numbers where you would like to resubmit. You will receive a confirmation email verifying that your e-permits account has been associated with the projects. Then, follow the above instructions.

If you use assistive technology and need help accessing or reading the content in any e-permits tutorials linked above, please contact


For help with e-permits, call Denver 311:

  • Within Denver, dial 3-1-1
  • Outside of Denver, dial 720-913-1311

311's hours are 7 a.m.-8 p.m. (M-F) and 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (Sat./Sun.).