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  • If you have an issue with an e-permits function, try using a different web browser.
  • Make sure to enable pop-ups.
  • On your phone? Use the mobile version
    • Note: If you don't already have an account, you'll need to set one up in the main e-permits portal first.

How do I...

  1. Visit
  2. Click "Enter e-permits portal" button
  3. Click "New Users: Register for an account"
  4. Enter account information
  5. Click “Add New” to open a pop-up screen to add contact information
    • Note: The email address you register here does not update your email on file with Contractor Licensing.
  6. Click “Continue” to successfully register account

Tip for contractors: Don't forget to add your contractor license or supervisor certificate by clicking "Account Management" in the top-right corner of your screen. 

Add a contractor license to an account:

  1. Click “Account Management” in the top-right corner of your screen
    • This will take you to the “Manage your Account” page
  2. Click "Add a License" button
  3. Select which license type you hold
  4. Enter your license number exactly as it appears on your license card
    • Make sure to type "LIC" on front of your license number
    • Examples: “LIC001234” or “LIC12345”
  5. Once your license has been added, go to "Home" > "My Records" to quickly access your permits

Link an existing supervisor certificate to an account:

  1. Email the following information to
    • Name and email address associated with your online account
    • Certificate number
  2. Contractor Licensing will link your certificate to your online account within 24 hours (except weekends and holidays).

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • You must have a valid contractor’s license for the type of work covered under the permit in order to apply for permits online. If your license number isn't recognized, make sure it has not expired.
    • Expired licenses cannot be linked to an online account. If a license or certificate is expired, you can no longer renew online and must renew in person or via mail.
  • Make sure there is a valid email on file with Contractor Licensing for your license. Notifications of online account activity under your license will be sent to this email address and it cannot be edited in e-permits.
  • To add or change company contact information, an owner/officer for the licensed company must submit a signed letter stating the change to be made. The letter can be emailed to, or dropped off in person. This letter must be signed. If emailed, it must be an attachment with a visible signature. Typed signatures are not accepted.
  • Most licenses require a supervisor certificate as a “qualifier” for a company to obtain a license. The supervisor certificate holder is an individual within the company that has the necessary hands-on field experience for that particular type of work. We would expect for that person to be managing the day to day aspects in the field and will be the main contact for our inspectors if there are issues that arise on the site. 

For additional help, contact Contractor Licensing at 720-865-2770, or

These steps apply to general contractors picking up building permits and subcontractors picking up trade permits after construction plans have been reviewed and approved. For quick permits that do not require plan review, select a Quick Permit type online instead of Add Contractor to Permit. 

The general construction permit must be obtained first, before subcontractors can use these steps to obtain trade permits. 

  1. In e-permits, go to Development Services > Apply for a Permit.

  2. When prompted to select a permit type, choose Add Contractor to Permit and then select either General Construction or Trade permit. "Add to General Construction Permit" can be used for either residential construction (RESCON) or commercial construction (COMMCON) permits. "Add to Trade Permit" is for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and roofing permits.

  3. screenshot of apply for a permit page
  4. Follow the prompts to add your contractor's license to this project. Subcontractors will also be asked for the valuation of the work to be completed under your trade permit and to provide a good site contact for inspections. You will need either your permit number or the log number under which the construction plans were reviewed and approved. The general contractor should have this information.

  5. Once the "Add a Contractor" step is complete, use e-permits to search for your permit number and pay the permit fees. 

  6. Once the permit fee is paid, the issued permit will be emailed to you and will be available for download within e-permits.

  7. If the project's plans were submitted electronically, the approved, stamped plans will be available to download from e-permits. 

  1. Go to "Development Services" > "Apply for a Permit"
  2. Follow the prompts on each page
  3. Once you have finished the online application, continue to the payment screen. Fees are based on your valuation of the work. You may be asked to pay additional fees if inspectors determine the valuation was incorrect.

Helpful Tips:

  • Required application fields will have a red asterisk *
  • Click the help icon (?) for longer instructions on some items
  • Always confirm that the email address associated with the “Applicant” is correct as your permit will be emailed to this address
  • Once you add an applicant, click “edit” to change the email or phone number for this application
  • There is a “save and resume within 30 days” button at the bottom of each page. Permit applications will save for 30 days

NOTE: Homeowners cannot apply for permits online. Homeowners must show a valid ID in person that matches the ownership information at

You will need a permit number to pay permit fees, download approved plans, download the issued permit, or schedule inspections. If you do not have the permit number(s), you can find them from the building log.

  1. Search using the log number to get to the building log page
  2. Go to "Record Info" > "Related Records"
  3. On the next page, click “view entire tree” 
  4. Click “view” to open each permit record you need to pay, print, or download the approved plans

NOTE: You may need to pay fees for multiple permits separately, for example, zoning and residential construction. Permits will not be issued until permit fees are paid.

TIP: You can also search for permit records by typing in the project address into the master search bar located in the top-right corner of your screen. 

On a mobile device

If you are using the mobile version of e-permits, enter your log number or address in the search bar on the home page. You will need to create an account in the main e-permits portal before being able to use the mobile site.

On a desktop

You do not need an e-permits account to check plan review status.

  1. Enter e-permits, and click the "Development Services" tab
  2. Type your log number in the "Record Number" box, or fill in the street address
  3. Click the appropriate log number
  4. The building log detail page (shown below) will tell you if the review is in progress, issued, finaliedzed, etc. Plan review details are located under "Processing Status." As the review is ongoing, plan review comments may be available under "Attachments."

Screenshot of e-permits webpage showing processing status

You can only pay for one permit at a time. Discover, MasterCard, and Visa cards are accepted. Fees are based on the valuation of the work. 

  1. Click the "Development Services" tab to search by log number to pay review fees, or by permit number to pay permit fees
  2. Once on the correct record, click "Payments" > "Fees"
  3. Check to make sure your balance is accurate, then click “pay fees” and follow the prompts to complete your transaction
  4. Print your receipt using your web browser’s print function 

Note: online payments are not refundable. Make sure you are paying for the correct permit and project address.

For commercial mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work when a construction permit is already issued 

  1. Make sure you have added your license to your e-permits account
  2. Go to "My Records" under the "Home" tab 
  3. Find the correct permit record and click the option to pay permit fees

Watch a video of these steps if you need further help finding a commercial/multifamily trade permit to pay online.

If you do not see a permit under "My Records"

  • Dial 3-1-1 or (720) 913-1311 from outside of Denver, or email to be connected to e-permits staff. Have your log number, contractor's license, and project valuation when you call. Staff will create the permit record over the phone.
  • Or, make sure the general contractor picking up the general construction permit gives us the M/E/P contractors' information and work valuation at that time. Then the permit record will already be created and the subcontractor can sign-in to e-permits to pay for the permit and will not need to call 3-1-1 to give us that information.

Emailed as a PDF

After filling out an online application, you must complete payment before your permit will be emailed. A copy of the issued permit will be sent as a PDF attachment to the email address that was listed in the "applicant" field of the application.

Make sure to check your spam folder.

From e-permits portal 

  1. Select the permit record from the "My Records" page (located under the "Home" tab), or go to the "Development Services" tab and search for your permit record using either the permit number or your log number.
    • If you search by log number: On the building log page, go to "Related Records" on the "Record Info" tab. Click "View entire tree" to open a list of all permits issued under your log number. Then click "View" next to each permit you want to access.
  2. Once on the permit detail page, click the "Permits and Licenses" drop-down link at the top-right corner of your screen
  3. Click "ACA Building Permit" to open, save and print your permit record

TIP: Make sure pop-ups are enabled.

If you submitted plans for review electronically, you can use e-permits to download a copy of your final, approved plans once the review is complete.

Plans submitted on paper are not available to download online.

  1. Enter e-permits, and on the "Development Services" tab, search for your permit record using either the property address or your permit number.
    • Note: If you have multiple permits (e.g., COMMCON, ELEC, PLUMB, SUDP), you will need to go to each of these permits individually to find the respective discipline's approved plans.
  2. On the permit detail page, your approved plans are located on the "Record Info" tab, under "Attachments." Your issued permit will be available from the "Permits and Licenses" link in the top-right corner of the page. 

TIPS: Make sure pop-ups are enabled. Documents posted on the Attachments tab will take longer to load than the rest of the page.

Finding permits with only a log number

  1. Enter e-permits, and on the "Development Services" tab, search using your log number
  2. On the building log page, go to "Related Records" on the "Record Info" tab
  3. Click "View entire tree" to open a list of all permits issued under your log number. 
  4. Click "View" next to each permit you want to access, and follow the directions above

Electronic plan review is available for most projects, allowing you to submit applications and PDF plans for zoning, building, wastewater, and fire permits without coming to the permit counter in person.

View detailed electronic submittal instructions by project type.

Some projects will instruct to return to this page and use e-permits. Other projects will have email instructions, and in time, will be available through e-permits.

TIP: Resubmittals must follow the initial submission method - in person, email, or e-permits. Follow steps 1-5 for projects that initially applied via e-permits.
  1. Sign into e-permits
  2. Go to "Home" > "My Records" to view your projects
  3. Select the appropriate record where you want to resubmit (i.e. the site planning or Building Log record) 
  4. On the record detail page, go to "Record Info" > "Attachments" to upload new/revised documents
  5. Make sure to click “save” after uploading

Resubmittals for site planning records that were initially submitted via the old e-plan/EFT site, by email, or on paper, send the email address associated with your e-permits account and the project numbers where you would like to resubmit. You will receive a confirmation email verifying that your e-permits account has been associated with the projects. Then, follow the above instructions.

  1. Click the “Development Services” tab and then either: 
    • Select the permit record from your “My Records” list (which will populate after your contractor’s license has been added to your epermits account) OR
    • Search for the permit. Type the permit number in the Record Number box and hit search.
  2. Once on the correct permit page, go to "Record Info" > "Inspections"
  3. Click “Schedule or Request an Inspection” and follow the prompts


  • Add comments to the inspection request so the inspector can find your exact location, and provide a good site contact for the inspector to call if needed. Write down the floor number, suite number, number of units, and other information as specified in the help text.
  • The cut-off time to schedule an inspection for the next business day using the online system is 11:59 p.m.
  • You'll need an e-permits account and either the permit number or site address to schedule inspections for an issued permit.
  • Some Fire permits are inspected by Building Department inspectors. These include rough inspections on Fire Alarm permits, Rough & Final inspections on Fire Suppression permits, and Rough Framing inspections on High Pile Storage permits. These inspections are identified by a 3-digit code at the beginning of the Inspection Type. 
  • Inspections performed by Denver Fire Department inspectors can be identified by a preceding DFD in the inspection type. These inspections may be requested in e-permits only. 
  • On your phone? Use the mobile version 
    • Note: If you don't already have an account, you'll need to set one up in the main e-permits portal first

Learn more about inspections

  1. Locate your record by clicking "My Records" from the home screen.
  2. Click "Record Info" > "Inspections."
  3. Click "View Details." 

If you receive an error message when you click view details, follow the below workaround:
  • Once fees are paid, you can download a PDF of an issued permit using the “Permits and Licenses” link in the top-right corner of your screen. 
    • This link only appears when you are on a permit record (not a building log), and the permit has been issued. 
  • Inspection comments will be located on the last page.

In most cases, e-permits will be able to find your address and parcel number for you. 
  1. Enter the property address and click "Search."
  2. Select your address and a list of "Associalted Parcels" will populate
  3. If there are multiple parcel numbers, select the radial button to the left of the number and "Associated Owners" information will appear below. Continue clicking through the parcel numbers until you see the correct ownership information, and then click "Select."


  • If your address/parcel number doesn't populate, check to make sure the property is within the City and County of Denver's boundaries by referring to the Real Property Map.
    • Please note: the "Schedule Number" from the Real Property Map should be entered into the "Parcel Number" field. 
  • If you still can't locate the property address, click "Cancel" and continue with your application. 

  1. Search for permit records by project address
  2. Select the checkboxes next to the permit records you want to group 
  3. Click "Add to collection"
  4. View your collections from the dashboard on the "Home" tab

  1. Click the box at the top of the screen to select all work types, then click "Edit Selected."
  2. Enter the Unit Number and Valuation of each line item and click "Submit."
  3. Verify that the information you have entered is correct and click "Continue Application."

Forgot your password?

  1. Click "I've forgotten my password" on the login screen. 
  2. Enter your email address and the security question you answered when you first registered for your account will be displayed.
  3. Enter your security answer.
  4. Click "Send New Password" and a new password will be sent to your email.

To reset your username, email, password, and security question/answer,

  1. Log in to your account
  2.  Click "Account Management" at the top right side of your screen.
  3. Click "Edit" Login Information.
  4. Update login information and click "Save."

As with paper submittals, all plans, reports, surveys, etc. prepared by an architect, engineer, or surveyor must bear their seal and signature. Learn how to apply a valid electronic signature (PDF). The electronic signature must be visible on the plan cover page and the seal must be visible on each sheet.

  • Save all files as PDFs. All drawings must be scalable, legible, and in PDF format. Upload separate PDF files for each discipline to preserve the encrypted electronic signatures.
  • Use the following naming convention for all files: <DocumnetName>_<Address>_<Date>


  • Plans: ArchPlans_201WColfax_9-26-2017; StrucPlans_201WColfax_9-26-2017; etc.
  • Prior reviews/approvals: Landmark_201WColfax_9-26-2017
  • Reports, surveys, etc.: SoilsReport_201WColfax_9-26-2017 


  • File names cannot contain special character such as * / , ~ [ { ^ ’ ! @ # …

Fire Construction Permits, which are related to any commercial construction project in new or existing structures. View fire construction permit information. If you require a fire permit related to construction (like installing sprinklers, fire alarms, etc.), click the Development Services tab in e-permits. 


Fire Safety Operational Permits, which allow the applicant to conduct an operation or a business for which a permit is required. View fire operational permit information. If you require an operational permit, click the Fire tab in e-permits.

  • Use the system’s help text, by clicking the question mark icons in e-permits
  • Call Denver 311:
    • Within Denver, dial 3-1-1
    • Outside of Denver, dial (720) 913-1311
  • 311’s business hours are
    7 a.m. – 8 p.m. (Mon.-Fri.) and
    8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Sat./Sun.)


For help with e-permits, call Denver 311:

  • Within Denver, dial 3-1-1
  • Outside of Denver, dial 720-913-1311

311's hours are 7 a.m.-8 p.m. (M-F) and 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (Sat./Sun.).

If you use assistive technology and need help accessing or reading the content in any e-permits tutorials linked on this page, please contact

Download PDF tutorial: