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How to obtain a permit online for subcontractors on commercial or multifamily projects

Once a commercial or multifamily building permit is issued, subcontractors can simply pay for their permits online. You should not use the "apply for a permit" function in e-permits, as this will not link to the approved plans and could cause inspection delays. Instead, please follow the instructions below to ensure your permit is correctly associated with the project's approved plans. 

  1. Email the following information to or dial 3-1-1 (720-913-1311 from outside Denver): 

    • The project's log number

    • Your contractor's license number

    • The valuation of the work associated with your permit

    • Site contact name, email, and phone number

  2. You can skip this step if the project's general contractor provided the above information to permitting staff during plan review or at plan pick-up.

  3. Once receiving the subcontractor's license information and job valuation, permitting staff will create the permit record within 1 business day.

  4. Use e-permits to pay for the permit online and the permit will be emailed to you.

Finding permits that are ready to pay online

If you haven't already, register for an e-permits account and add your contractor's license to your online account. 

Once your license is added to your online account, your open and recent permits will automatically populate on the My Records page. Find the correct permit record and click the option to pay permit fees.

Alternatively, you can also find the permit record by using the Development Svcs tab in e-permits to search by log number or address.



Watch a video Camera icon

Download a PowerPoint tutorial (helpful for setting up an account and adding a license)