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Schedule an Inspection

Set up a free account in Denver's e-permit system to

  • quickly schedule inspections, including zoning inspections (NEW!)
  • schedule meter release inspections with an automatic notification to Xcel
  • view inspection comments and results and
  • leave notes and contact phone numbers for the inspector.

Zoning inspections can also be scheduled online (setback, bulk plane, zoning certificate of occupancy [CO] or zoning temporary certificate of occupancy [TCO]). You do not need to call 3-1-1 for these. Download a checklist of what to expect during a zoning inspection (PDF).

The cut-off time to schedule an inspection for the next business day using the online system is 11:59 p.m. Inspections cannot be scheduled for permits that are still under review. Permit status must be "issued." 

First time scheduling online? Account set-up instructions below.

You'll need an e-permits account and either the permit number or site address to schedule inspections for an issued permit. 

Download a PowerPoint tutorial (contains screenshots for creating an account, adding a license to your account, scheduling inspections) OR

Watch a video on how to schedule Camera icon

Watch a video on how to find your inspection results Camera icon

Note: If you don't already have an e-permits account, you'll need to set one up
using the "schedule an inspection" link above before using the mobile site.

To request a building inspection for the next business day, call the automated inspection line at 720-865-2501 before 12 a.m. (midnight). You will receive a verification number confirming that your inspection has been scheduled. Due to the high volume of requests, we recommend calling earlier to ensure a next-day inspection.

Have the following information ready when calling to request an inspection:

  1. For permits issued after June 8, 2015, use the eight-digit Automated Inspection Request Number located at the top right of your permit (Example: 09123456).


    For permits issued before June 8, 2015, use the eight-digit permit number located at the bottom left of your permit (Example: 09123456)
  2. The three-digit Inspection Code that matches your permit type (see codes at right).
  3. The total number of floors to be inspected.

You may request an estimated time window for the inspection. On the morning of the inspection, call 720-865-2505 and press 6 to speak to a representative. 


Visit the inspection services desk on the 3rd floor of the Wellington Webb building. 

201 W. Colfax Ave., 3rd Floor
Denver, CO 80202
7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., Monday - Friday

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To schedule a building inspection outside of normal business hours (7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.) or over the weekend, you must request an after-hours inspection by filling out a special inspection request form (PDF) or by calling 720-865-2505 (press 6).

After-hours inspections require a minimum of 2 hours staff time and are billed at $100 per hour.

Zoning inspections include inspections for Setback, Bulk Plane, Zoning Sign, Zoning Certificate of Occupancy (CO) or Zoning Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO).

Please ensure the property is ready for zoning inspection. Depending on the type of permit, this could include pins showing property lines, and a set of the approved zoning plans available on site.

Use Denver's online e-permit system to schedule a zoning inspection.

For fire prevention inspections associated with permits issued by the Denver Fire Department, please call 720-931-3480.

Inspection Tips

What to expect
Most building inspections will be conducted the next business day after your request. In the event of an unusually high number of inspection requests, some inspections may be rolled over to the following day.

You can request an estimated time window for the inspection. On the morning of the inspection, call 720-865-2505 and press 6 to speak to a representative. 

Prepare your site for inspection
Prepare for your inspection by making sure your permit and approved plans  are on-site, the permitted work is complete and the site is safe and accessible. For roofing permits, provide a ladder for an inspector to access any building 2 stories or taller. 

If a building is occupied, someone must be on-site to let the inspector in and be present throughout the inspection. If the site is not occupied, please ensure the inspector has safe access to the building and subject of the inspection.

Certain violations mean that a project has to be re-inspected. To avoid re-inspection fees, view a list of common violations and be sure your site is ready to be inspected.

After the inspection
Upon completing the inspection, the inspector will leave behind a card indicating whether the work was approved or denied. For failed inspections, the card will include instructions on what steps to take to pass re-inspection.


Check the status of your permit or inspection
To check on whether the permit is open, canceled, or final, you will need your permit number or street address.

(1) Enter e-permits, and then click the "Development Svcs" tab. (You do not need an e-permits account to check the status of permits or inspections.)

(2) Type your permit number in the "Record Number" box, or to search by address, fill in the street number and street name boxes.

(3) On the results page, click the record number that corresponds to the permit you seek.

(4) The permit detail page will tell you if the permit is in progress, issued, finaled, etc. Inspection results are located under "inspections."

If you are using the mobile version of the e-permits system, just enter your record number or address in the search bar on the home page. You will need to create an account in the main e-permits portal first to be able to use the mobile site.


Need help?
If you have questions or problems related to your inspection, call 720-865-2505 and press 6 to speak to a representative.


NEW: Need a meter release?

Have your meter release request automatically sent to Xcel following your inspection -- just make sure to specifically schedule a "meter release inspection" online.

A meter release can't be scheduled through the automated phone system, but can be scheduled online.

Inspection Codes Table

Footing 100
Foundation Wall 101
Foundation Perimeter Drain 102
Waterproofing 103
Frost Wall Insulation 104
Exterior Sheathing 105
Batt Insulation 106
Drywall 107
Final 108
Other 109
Exterior Lath 111
Frame 112
2nd Story Attachment, Basement Structural Floor 112
Pre Construction Meeting 113
Bulk Plane 114
Set Backs 115
Building Slab 116
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy 120
Certificate of Occupancy 121
Blown Insulation 200

Blown Insulation 200
Roof 201
Siding 203
Pre-inspection Commercial Flat Roof 205
Other 206

Slab 300
Underground 301
Partial Rough 302
Full Rough 303
Partial Final 304
Full Final 305
Fire Alarm 306
Service Equipment 307
Ceiling 308
Walls 309

Temporary Service 311
UFER 312

Groundwork 400
Rough 401
Final 402
Pressure Test 403
Water Service 404

Rough 500
Final 501

Groundwork 700
Pressure Test 701
Partial Rough 702
Rough 703
Final 704

Underground 410
Rough 411
Final 412

Groundwork 900
Pressure Test 901
Partial Rough 902
Rough 903
Final 904