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Site Development Plan Review

Site Development Plan Review involves identifying all significant land and building issues that affect the design and feasibility of your project, submitting the technical information and supporting materials, and securing the approval of all reviewing agencies. Once you have completed the final phase of site development plan review, permits may then be obtained to begin construction. 

Whether Site Development Plan Review is required depends on the size and scope of the project and is determined during the pre-application/concept review, which is required for all new construction and additions and for some tenant finish/remodel projects. Contact the Project Coordinators Team for additional information.  

Project Coordinator
You will be assigned a project coordinator who will assist you through each phase. He or she will coordinate reviews by all City of Denver agencies, as well as other local and state agencies relevant to your project. Use the DevelopDENVER tool to the right to look up your project coordinator. 

Each Project is Different
Please note: Each project is different. The complexity and location of your project will determine the agencies involved and their requirements.   

Time Frames
Development Services provides a standard review time frame for site development plan reviews for most projects.  More complex projects may require a longer period of time.  Your project coordinator will notify you when additional time is required.

Site Development Plan Review Process

The concept / pre-application phase of the Site Development Plan review process allows the applicant to identify any significant issues that will affect the basic design and feasibility of the project. A project coordinator is assigned to coordinate review of the proposal with a review team representing internal and external agencies that are relevant to the project.    

For additional information about the concept / pre-application phase, view:

The formal phase begins with a detailed site plan and proceeds through to the final approval. This phase provides Development Services with the plans and submittals required for final approval (i.e. technical data, drainage studies, transportation studies, design review compliance issues and other requirements). The formal phase plan submittal must include payment of the appropriate fees by credit card or by check made payable to the Manager of Finance.  View the fee schedule

For additional information about the formal phase, view:

Final recordation phase approval is the final review of the site development plan review to ensure compliance with the City's representing agency requirements.  At the conclusion of this review, Development Services will record the mylar drawings that have been submitted.

For additional information about the final recordation phase, view:

How to Submit Plans for Review

All SUDP plans and applications can be submitted electronically by emailing your plans to, by using e-Plan or in person to the Development Services office.  

Attention: If you do not receive a response within two business days of your electronic submission, please call 720-865-3060 and leave a message with your contact information or send a follow-email to

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