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Wastewater Engineering and Permitting

As part of the construction of the project, a developer / owner must provide adequate storm and sanitary sewer services to the development site. Use the DevelopDENVER tool to the right to find the wastewater engineer associated with your property address. 
Wastewater Engineering review and approval is required for all new major development and redevelopment in the City and County of Denver involving the following:
  • Sites and development of one half acre or more 
  • Sanitary sewer lines
  • Storm lines
  • Drainage channels
  • Water quality facilities

Construction of projects is managed through the combined efforts of Development Services and Denver Public Works Wastewater Management Division.

Development Services may require a Stormwater Management Plan for issuance of a  Construction Activities Stormwater Discharge Permit (CASDP) for any project which includes one or more of the following, or at the discretion of the DS Engineer
  • Construction activities (including demolition) that disturb 1 acre or more
  • Development or redevelopment of a site that is part of a larger development or sale plan
  • Development or redevelopment of a site that has significant potential for erosion
  • Construction activities that disturb contaminated soils
  • Construction activities that disturb or place fill in waters of the U.S.

Development Services may require an approved Construction Plan and Drainage Report and/or Sanitary Sewer Study for any project which includes one or more of the following, or at the discretion of the Development Services engineer:
  • Construction or modification of private and/or public sanitary sewer main lines
  • Construction or modification of private and/or public storm lines, drainage channels or drainageways
  • Construction or modification of on-site or regional stormwater detention and/or water quality facilities
  • Grading changes and/or construction improvements that have a total disturbance exceeding 1/2 acre

This guide helps the design professional consider and incorporate aesthetic elements at the earliest stages of design when an above-ground stormwater detention and water quality facility is chosen as a method to control stormwater runoff.

 See the  Sewer Use and Drainage Permit page for complete information on Wastewater SUDP permits.

The following technical documents can be downloaded from Department of Transportation & Infrastructure, Right of Way Services page Manuals and Regulations or Department of Transportation & Infrastructure Document Center.

  • Sanitary design and technical criteria manual 
  • Sanitary sewer master plan
  • Storm drainage design and technical criteria manual 
  • Storm drainage master plan
  • Wastewater detail and technical specifications 
  • Wastewater standard detail drawings

For information on Public Works standard fees, see Public Works /SUDP under Building and Land Development Fees.


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